Me & My Muse – Day 1068: Having a Ball

Having worked a very tiring morning shift,  I am now ready to relax.


Where is my Muse?  What’s this?

*a pokéball appears*

Why is this ball here?  I’m not playing Pokémon!  I’m not really even a fan!

*Gardevoir emerges from the pokéball*

Gardevoir:  (calmly) Gardevoir! Gardevoir!

I don’t understand.  Where is my Muse?  All I have today is a Pokémon.

???:  Your Muse?  I think I saw her last night.

Who are you?

Bill:  Me?  My name is Bill.  Believe it or not, I actually turned myself into a Pokémon before.

So where is my Muse?

Bill:  Your Muse?  Don’t you recognize her?

What do you mean?

Bill:  That Gardevoir over there…She is your Muse!

What?!  Impossible!

Gardevoir:  Garde voir!

*Gardevoir uses Moon Blast on me*

AHHH!!!  What was that for?

Bill:  She was angry that you didn’t recognize her.  Wasn’t that obvious?

I’m very sorry!  Please don’t use that move again!

Gardevoir:  Gardevoir…

Bill:  I think that she wants these berries.  Here!  Give her these Hondew berries.  It will raise her friendship!

Okay.  Here you go, Gardevoir…

*gives Hondew berries to Gardevoir*

Gardevoir:  GardeVOIR!

*Gardvoir smiles*

Bill:  You know, you can give your Pokémon a nickname.  Since you didn’t catch this one, I’ll give you the liberty of renaming it!

Okay.  You will have the nickname of “Muse”!

Muse:  Gardevoir!

Bill:  I think she likes that nickname.  Here are some more berries.  Take good care of her!

*Bill mysteriously vanishes*

Okay Muse.  Do you want some more berries?

Muse:  Gardevoir!

*Muse goes back inside pokéball*

Hey!  What did you do that for?  I didn’t tell you to go back inside!

Bill (voice):  Oh yeah!  I forgot to tell you!  That Gardevoir is at level 85.  If you don’t have all the gym badges, then she won’t obey you.

All the gym badges, huh?  One privilege, ENGAGE!

*all Unova badges appear*

Get back out here, Muse!

*Gardevoir emerges from pokéball*

Muse:  Gardevoir!

Do you want anymore Hondew berries?

Muse (shaking head):  Gardevoir!

No?  You’re probably full.

Muse (staring at pokéball):  Gardevoir!  Gardevoir?

You wanna go back inside your pokéball?  You’re probably tired.  I’ll let you do that.  See you tomorrow,  Muse!

Muse:  Gardevoir!

*Gardevoir goes back inside pokéball*

It’s kind of frustrating having my Muse as a pokémon.  All she says is one word and I can’t really communicate with her.  Oh well.  I’ll be able to tomorrow…

Today’s high is going to be 80 degrees and the silver lining is getting paid.

To those of you who love pay day,  I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Gardevoir!  Gardevoir?  Gardevoir

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