Me & My Muse – Day 1044: A Smooth Criminal

In offering a summary for you today, it’s relatively simple.  I have the day off.  The reason?  I will be visiting a Toastmasters club that meets during lunch.  Later on, I will be attending a second Toastmasters meeting tonight.  That’s pretty much toda…


What was that?  A bullet hole?

*gunshot* *gunshot*

Whoa!  Where’s that gunfire coming from?


Another miss.  Reveal yourself, whoever you are!


I dodged that one.

Muse:  Stand still!  I’m trying to kill you!

Well, you’re not going to do that with your lousy aiming.  Haven’t you ever used a gun before?

Muse:  Shut up.  The next shot won’t miss, because I have it pointed right at your head.

What do you want? I really don’t know what I can give you.

Muse:  First, give me all of your money.  Every dollar that you have saved.  I want it all.

And if I don’t give it to you?

Muse:  I pull the trigger and you die.  Do I make myself clear?

Crystal.  Take the money.

Muse:  I also want something else that’s important.

What could that be?

Muse:  Your One Privilege.  It gives you all the power over these blogs of yours.  I want that power and you’re going to give it to  me.

I’m not giving it to you.  Go ahead and pull the trigger.

Muse:  Fine.  You die then.  Farewell…



*collapses on the ground*

Muse:  Well, that was useless.  I can’t get his privileges now.  I at least have his money.  Time for the next robbery…

*Muse vanishes in a cloud of smoke*

*appears in front of dead body*

And THAT’s why I didn’t give her my One Privilege.  Right before she pulled the trigger, I generated a clone of myself and vanished.  She ended up killing the clone, not me.  Time to clean up this mess…

*uses One Privilege to make the clone corpse and blood vanish*

So my Muse is a criminal today?  I better get the authorities to lock her up.  I can’t have an Intangible that dangerous running around.  Oh, and she doesn’t have my money.  I restored my bank account with my One Privilege.

Time to get ready.  I will be meeting someone at 11:30 for the Toastmasters meeting.  I will then go to another Toastmasters meeting tonight.  That’s this day in a nutshell.

Today’s high is going to be 61 degrees and the silver lining is going to two Toastmasters meetings today.

To those of you who love public speaking and leadership, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Is that all you got?  Catch you later, coppers!

*Muse jumps into a getaway van, which speeds off quickly*