Me & My Muse – Day 1043: MonNESday in May

With my friend coming over a little later, I will give you the annotated version of what went on today.

I basically worked a morning shift.  It was very easy and straightforward.  At around 2:00, I was done and I came home.

My friend will be coming over a little later, so that should be fun.


Muse:  Yay!  Don’t you just love being with friends?

Wow.  You’re a little perky today!  Did you just drink some coffee?

Muse:  Nope!  I did that this morning.  It gave me the jitters.  I was like… “WOO!”  It was crazy.

Well, I applaud you, considering that this is the time of day where people have the least amount of energy.

Muse:  Well, I still have PLENTY in this little body!  I’m a firecracker, so you better watch out!  *runs up behind me*  BOOM!

Little?  I guess if you would call 100 pounds little, then you’re little.

Muse:  I’m 107 pounds, thank you very much!

107?  Well excuse me…

Muse:  I feel like doing a dance!  I will call it my “happy dance”.  Happy!  Happy!  I’m so happy!  So happy!  So happy!  Yeah!

Well, you’re a little spunky spark…

Muse:  Spunky spark?  I love it!  So, do you have any other nicknames?

Not at this moment.

Muse:  Well, I do!  Ball of sunshine,   Beautiful Bumblebee, Can of Thunder, Dancing Dewdrop,  Spicy Sugar, Spinning Sprite, Prancing Princess, Ray of Light…

Yup.  You’re all of those.

Muse:  I’m not done!  Frisky Fox,   Crazy Cathy, Shooting Star, Sunny Sally,  Super Sparkle,  Luminous Lily,  Radiant Rose, Vivacious Violet…

Okay!  I get it!  Every one of those nicknames describe you to a tee.  You’re very spunky and full of life…

Muse:  Yup yup!  So, when’s your friend coming over?

A little bit later.  Why?

Muse: I dunno.  I guess I just want you to dance.  Come on!  Let’s do the happy dance, together!

Why am I doing this?

Muse:  Oh, come on!  You’ll love it!  Trust me!  You won’t regret it!

This is starting to get weird…

Muse:  No it’s not!  Pretend they’re not there, okay?  It’s just you and me, doing the happy dance!  Now, follow my steps and repeat after me.  Happy! Happy! I’m so happy!

Happy! Happy!  I’m so happy!

Muse:  So happy! So happy!  Yeah!

So happy!  So happy!  Yeah!

Muse:  Yay!  Wasn’t that fun?  Now for the “yeah” part, whisper it like you’re very satisfied.  Just say “yeah…


Muse:  No.  “Yeah…“.  Like that!


Muse:  There!  That’s it!  Now let’s do it again!

*Me and My Muse repeat the happy dance*

Muse:  That was amazing!  Now, is your friend coming over yet?

Not yet.  But I would like to get ready for him.

Muse:  Okay.  Before I go, here’s a little something from me!

*Muse kisses me on the cheek*

Muse:  I think I like you.  But you already knew that.  Aw!  You’re blushing!

Just leave…please…

Muse:  Okay!  Bye!

*Muse vanishes in a beam of light*

In cutting to the chase, I need to get ready for my friend.  He should be over in the next hour or two.

Today’s high is going to be 65 degrees and the silver lining is my friend coming over.

To those of you who love hanging out with friends, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  That was fun!  Time to do the happy dance again!  Happy! Happy!  I’m so happy!