Me & My Muse – Day 1015: A Hot NESday…

The heat continues, but only for today.  By tomorrow, it will cool back down to 60 degrees.  With that in mind, I like to call this a summer preview.


Muse:  MEOW?

It’s a cat!  Hey kitty!  Do you know where my Muse is?

Muse:  Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr…Meow?

Hey!  Now you’re rubbing up against me.  Stop it!  Help me find my Muse!  She’s supposed to be something different today…

*Muse makes a big ball of yarn appear and begins playing with it*

Muse:  Meorrrrrwpurrrrrrrr

Kitty?  Did you just make that yarn appear?  Oh!  That’s right!  Why didn’t I think of it?  You’re my Muse!  But you’re a cat!  Why did you turn into a cat?

Muse:  MEOW?

*cat Muse begins nuzzling my arm and purring*

Okay, okay.  I’ll pet you.  There you go.  Now where’s your food?

*cat Muse makes a bowl of cat food appear and begins eating it*

Muse:  Meow?  Purrrrrrrrrrrrr

That was easy.  Anyway I need to get ready.


Time to cut to the chase.  I work a 9 to 1 shift today.  My friend will probably be coming over later, so I’ll want to be ready.  That’s the gist for today.

Today’s high is going to be 80 degrees and the silver lining is enjoying yet another hot day after work.

To those of you who love the scorching hot temperatures, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  MEOW?

*Muse makes a giant carpeted habitat with various platforms and swarms of birds*

Muse:  Meowrrrrrrr

*cat Muse begins chasing the birds, tackling one of them to the ground*