Me & My Muse – Day 1004: Toastmasters – Day 3

Having experienced a club speech contest on Tuesday and an area speech contest last night, tonight’s Toastmasters meeting will be the third night in a row of Toastmasters activities.


Muse:  Uh!  Uhhhh!!!  *mutters gibberish words*   Yayayayayayoyoyoyyoo!!!!!

Whoa…What’s wrong with you?  You’re acting crazy and…No.  We have an audience.  Master privileges, apply censorship!

*a hologram appears to cover her bare spots*

There.  Artificial clothing.

Muse:  *grunts*  Uh! Ugh!!!! Ugh!!!! *scratches hair and howls*

You act like you’ve been raised by wild animals.  So you’re feral today?

Muse:  Yabbayabbabbayabbayabbadibidabadabo!!!!! *makes a raspberry sound and screeches*

Hey.  Easy!

*Muse begins glaring at me*

Muse:  Yawrrrrwll! Rrrrrarrrarrrabrrrrrllll!

Okay.  I can’t even have a conversation with you, since you seek to lack any kind of vocabulary.

Muse:  Rabulrabibbidibibbibabbabooboooooorrrll!!!

Okay.  I think I’m going to end it here.  She’s going to need some special care tonight, since it will be like taking care of a wild animal.

To cut to the chase, I will be going to another Toastmasters event tonight.  A meeting.  That’s pretty much this day in a nutshell.

Today’s high is going to be 39 degrees and the silver lining is going to tonight’s Toastmasters meeting.

To those of you who like personal growth and development, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Raabadabadabadabdabbdabdabdabba!!!!!  *Muse begins scratching my face while screeching*

Hey!  Stop!

*Muse lets out a loud grunt and begins rolling and jumping around*