Me & My Muse – Day 988: Terrible Tuesday

To be very nice, I will spare you the details.

All I will say is that work today was very stressful and hectic, and I would rather not talk about it.  We all have our days, and I’ll just leave it at that.

To undo this terrible day, I need something great and amazing to happen.

Having that said, I’m all smiles and hoping for the best as I see the remainder of this day to the very end…

Today’s high is going to be 52 degrees and the silver lining is being able to de-stress after a hectic shift.

To those of you who have dealt with stressful workdays before,  I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Dark Damsel:  It is time!  let us join forces and conquer this planet!  Lethal Lady League, UNITE!

Tee Hee Girl:  I’m ready!  Tee hee!

Pampered Princess:  Let’s make it pretty!  Tee hee!

Diffidentina:  I’m…scared!  Tee hee!

Tinkertantrum:  Your wish is my command!  Tee hee!

Beastra:  Ssssssss!!!  I’m ready…To do my WORST!

Dimini:  Lights out!  Tee hee!

*Tee Hee Girl, Pampered Princess, Diffidentina, Tinkertantrum, Beastra and Dimini begin flashing brightly around Dark Damsel, who is in the center*

Dark Damsel:  And…COMBINE!

*all six of the Lethal Lady League flash brightly, turning into beams of energy, flowing into the Dark Damsel*

Dark Damsel:  SSSSSSS!!!!  TEE HEE!  The world is mine!  Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

*the flashing Dark Damsel shoves her fist forward, creating a powerful shockwave that destroyes half the planet*