Me & My Muse – Day 989: Wonderful Wednesday

Well, it would have been wonderful if it weren’t for all the stupid snow.  With it being the THIRD DAY OF SPRING, why does it have to snow?  Winter has had its chance already.  The snow is only a stupid nuisance.  It only serves to ruin plans that we would’ve otherwise been able to carry out today.

Spring?  It is more like SpringTER.  Yes.  Springter.  Winter has a chokehold on Spring and will not let it go!  Well to that, I say LET IT GO!!!!  Stop ruining my day with hazardous conditions that will serve only to test my patience.  I was set on holding the SVSU demo meeting for tonight, but the weather will not allow that.  It is like God has stretched out his hand and struck this land with a terrible plague.  Can he bring good, and not trouble?

Well, I am done.  We already have a storm out there.  I don’t want you to be a part of mine.  If there is anyone who can demonstrate any good at all, please do so.  They say that God works in the midst of our trials.  That good can come out of bad.  Well God, based on the promises that you have never broken, prove it!  Call me Thomas, but I need some assurance on a day like this.

Well, I’m done.  Time to end this entry…


Dark Damsel:  Time to put an end to this world.  Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Oh yeah.  The stupid story arc.  Remedy, have you found the One Privilege yet?

Remedy:  I have.  Quick!  Take it and let’s set things right.

There.  Got it.  Do your worst, Dark Damsel!

Dark Damsel:  I will.  Having that privilege will make me unstoppable!

*Dark Damsel throws beam at me, making me flash with power*

Is that all you have?

Dark Damsel:  Grrrr!  I will have that privilege!

*Dark Damsel shoots a powerful beam at me, making me flash even more*

You’re forgetting something.  Your power is only charging up the privilege.  Now, with it all charged, BE GONE!

*shoots a beam at the Dark Damsel, who begins to explode and fade*

Dark Damsel:  NOOOOOOOO!!!!

*shoots another beam to restore the earth*

Time to get what belongs to me back!

*reaches into fading and flashing Dark Damsel and pulls out Tee Hee Girl*

You’re still her?  Not anymore!  Return to your original form!

*blasts Tee Hee Girl with a beam, transforming her back into my Muse*

Dark Damsel:  You will pay…Ahhhhhhhgghhhh…….!

*Dark Damsel explodes into shadowy dust, which scatters into the air*

Muse:  Thanks for rescuing me, Kyle!  Now, bring back my friends!

*Muse shoots a powerful beam, which frees the Marvelous Muses League*

You have privileges, too?

Muse:  I guess so!  I guess I still have them from when I was Tee Hee Girl.  I’m sure that you want them back, but can I keep mine?

Only for this story arc.  After that, I want to keep all of them.

Muse:  Okay.

*Muse shoots a beam of energy at me, giving me my Master’s Privileges back*

Muse: My friends are free.  Time to celebrate!

Celebrate later.  I’m in a very bad mood right now.

Muse:  You are?  We can celebrate another day, when you’re feeling better.  I’ll go tell them. Okay?


Well, it’s time to end this.  Like I told her, I’m in a very bad mood, due to the weather.  I know that events can be rescheduled, but I was so set on seeing the results today.  I put a lot of planning into this event, and I hate to see it crushed by Mother Nature throwing a hissy fit.

Muse:  It seems like you’re doing that.  Anyway, I talked to all of the Marvelous Muses League.  Praying Princess wanted to know if she and whole league could pray for you.  I think that it’s might thoughtful for her to think of you like that.  Please let me know.  We’re about to all join hands and pray.

Please do.  It’s difficult for me to accept today as the reality that it is.  Go on and do so.

Muse:  I know that you’re bummed about the weather.  But look at your blessings.  We will all pray for you see those blessings and be blessed.  Thank you, Kyle!  I’ll tell her!

There.  Another story arc is done.  Hopefully, I will never have to end a story arc in that way again.

Today’s high is going to be 35 degrees and the silver lining is…well, I’ll let you know if there is one.

To those of you who hate this stupid Springter storm, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Praying Princess:  Lord God, please give Kyle the joy and happiness he needs on a day like this, and richly bless him to be a blessing to others.  And we ask all this in Jesus’ name, amen!

Muse & Marvelous Muses League:  Amen!



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