Me & My Muse – Day 811: Sunday Catch-up day

Like the typical Sunday, I have often used this as a day of rest.  A day to take inventory of the things that are often left unfinished throughout the week.  Networking contacts to make for the following week, to-do lists for the following week…things of that nature.

Two of the things that are at the top of my list are the following:

1.  Make an update post outlining the new things that I have been doing with this website.  With my concerted attempt to get back to writing The Tale of Zachary Willowbrook: The School Years and the introduction of brand new segment (My PR Journey), this section of my website needs to be updated badly.

2.  Continue writing my story.  I have recently researched some case studies related to Zachary Willowbrook’s condition and I have some new ideas.  Just bare with me.  Writing a fictional autobiographical sketch that deals with parenting can be difficult with no firsthand experience.  I eagerly desire to be a father someday, but that’s a personal matter that I’ll just leave alone for now.

What about the third thing?  Don’t worry.  I have not forgotten about My PR Journey.  Let’s just say that I’m still in the process of getting the organization down.  I need to look at all of these matters from a very real perspective and address them all with the attention that they deserve.  Among one of the posts that I want to cover is “Is PR for me?”, as I want to try to cover all the facets of PR, as this will help me in my own PR journey.

With those updates aside, it’s time to wrap things up…


Muse:   So…Hey.  What are you doing?

I’m just wrapping up a very important update.

Muse:  Oh.   Okay.  I just weighed myself again.  I’m now 655 pounds and counting!

???:  And it’s time for me to go home!  Tee hee!

*Dark Muse appears in a cloud of smoke*

Muse:  You again?  If I were you, I would back off!

Dark Muse:  Eww!!  I never remembered my home looking so ugly!  I’m not even gonna enter!  I’ll come back much much much much later when you’re not ugly.  See you later, ugly home!  Tee hee!

*Dark Muse vanishes in a cloud of smoke*

Muse:  Phew! I thought that she was going to possess me like she usually does…

Well, at least we don’t have to worry about her for this 100 day cycle.  But we do have a new problem…

Muse:  What?  So I get a little bigger every day  I think it’s great.  New clothes for a new day.  It’s like entering a new body every time…

I think that it’s going to become a problem if you keep getting bigger.

Muse:  So you’re saying that my size is a problem?  Listen here, small fry.  I love everything about my body.  It’s beautiful just the way it is.  Now, if you have a problem with that, you can just get lost.

Well, it is a proble…

Muse:  You heard me, you puny ant!  Get lost!

*Muse hoists me up in the air above her head, her flashing stomach launching me high into the air*

Muse:  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!  Puny squirt!  He doesn’t know that fat is beautiful!

Whoa.  Now she’s starting to creep me out.  She just launched me with her own fat.  And she totally didn’t sound like my Muse at all.  That was Rosanne…

Anyway,  I hope that Remedy gets that solution in her food soon.  We may not be able to cure her, but we can at least slow this thing down.

Today’s high is going to be 77 degrees and the silver lining is having some time to catch up on unfinished business.

To those of you who like catching up, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  What did I just do to Kyle?  Did I just…*sobs*…launch him into the sky?

Voice (in Muse’s head):  Forget what you did to him!  You’re forgetting who’s in charge, sister! Me!  The queen of cellulite! That’s who!  Need I remind you again?  Just look at the mirror! Big momma’s here to stay, and she ain’t leaving! Ha ha ha ha!