Me & My Muse – Day 700B: Born From Above

I sat on my bed, anxiously watching my Muse begin her next transformation. Her body underwent a series of flashes. The typical routine that I have always seen whenever she transforms into something new. She has always transformed into something else every 100 days. Right on schedule to the day, without missing a beat. In the past, her transformations were amazing. But not all of them were. Just like her amazing transformations, some were not so amazing. Even during the periods where she had some excellent transformations, her dark counterpart was ready to corrupt them. The counterpart was a paradox; a Dark One resembling her doppelganger. A bratty child portraying a perfect clone of my Muse’s DNA. An idea that nobody wanted without a place in the world. One that was determined to exist, creating the darkest chapter in my Muse’s history. And if that wasn’t enough, her existence triggered one of the worst transformations that my Muse ever experienced: The Evil Muse.

My Muse continued flashing, her body calm and still. She remained quiet, breathing in and out, remaining in her comatose state. What will she be this time? The terrible idea? A spoiled brat? Completely shy and insecure? A wonderful woman of God? A magical fairy? Completely evil with the intent to enslave and destroy? She was all of these before, so it would make sense that she would transform into something different this time. All I hoped is that she would not become something much worse…

The flashing got more and more intense. This is when I knew that the form has been decided. Watching carefully, I watched, as the flashing continued. The intense flash remained, as she began to change shape. A pair of wings sprouted out of her back, shining a golden flash of light with the flashes. A golden halo appeared above her head.   A shining white robe covered her flashing body.

Finally, it then happened. The flashes stopped and my Muse awoke.

Glancing at the halo, the wings, the robe and the golden brown sandals, I was in awe. Being frightened of her presence, I realized that I was on the floor, overcome with fear.

My Muse gracefully held out her hand and smiled. “Don’t be afraid,” her voice boomed like a multitude of voices. Her voice was like a new song that I have never heard before, which each note sounded pleasant to the ear.

I tried to say something. Finally, I stammered. “W-w-why? Y-you’re an angel!”

My Muse looked at me with an understanding look. “Please stand up,” she told me. “You should not be revering me, but God.”

Still very nervous, I stood up. “How can I ever be comfortable in the presence of an angel?”

But my Muse smiled at that question. “That is because my form is not of God’s creation. It is based off of imagination alone.”

At that, I nodded. “So what kind of angel are you then?”

“I’m your guardian angel,” she told me. “I am here to protect you.”

I shook my head. “Guardian angels already exist. What would you do?”

“You don’t understand,” she said with a smile. “I am not here to guard you, but your creativity. I am here to protect it.”

Feeling a little more comfortable, I smiled. “Okay. So I get an angel for 100 days?”

“Yes,” her soothing voice boomed. “I may not have been created by God, but I still serve Him wholeheartedly.”

“But how could you be ‘born from above’? The whole title would be a lie.”

My angelic Muse shook her head. “That title is still true. I was born in the Intangible heavens, and then I manifested myself into the body where I belonged.”

I smiled and embraced my angel. “So you finally get a transformation. The last one didn’t count.”

She nodded in agreement. “It didn’t. I didn’t undergo any transformation. The Dark Muse did.”

At that time, my Muse’s expression changed. Concerned about this, I gasped. “What’s wrong?”

My Muse smiled again. “I would like to return to my home in the Intangible heavens.”

“So that’s your home now?” I asked her.

She nodded. “It always has. I existed in those heavens long before this Intangible form was made.”

“You mean my Muse’s body?” I asked her.

“Yes,” she said with a nod. “But know and understand. I am still her. This was what she wanted, even if she was unaware of it. Now I must be going. I will be back tomorrow. Do not despair!”

My Muse flew upward in her angelic body and dove directly into my head. She vanished as she entered, leaving a splash of golden light.

This is a refreshing change. An angel muse? From my understanding, it looks like the Intangible angel is borrowing her form, and is merging her form with hers, so that they are one in mind and personality. I hope that I’m right about this.

From last time, I am so relieved that I don’t have to deal with an evil Muse this time. This will make for a fun and exciting 100 days, learning more about her angelic form as the days go on.

With this day coming to an end, let the next 100 begin! I am ready to be graced with her presence, and learn more about her form. Who she is and the origin of her heavenly form…