Me & My Muse – Day 662: The Story in You

That is the theme for tonight’s conference.  What conference?  If you are just tuning in,  I am headed to Jackson this afternoon for the District 62 Spring Conference at The Holiday Inn and Commonwealth Commerce Center in Jackson, Michigan.

This conference will be a little different in the format.  On Friday and Sunday, the conference will be at the Holiday Inn.  On Saturday, it will be at the Commonwealth Commerce Center in downtown Jackson.

First of all, let’s get the easy one out of the way.  This morning, I woke up and packed.  There is not much left to do, except fill up on gas and make some last minute preparations.

With that, I’ve been in conference preparation mode.  The conference is tonight, and I have until 3:00 to finish packing and getting ready.

Muse:  Time for the last yummy state!  Tee hee!

I don’t think so.  This story arc will resume on Monday.  Director’s Privileges, ENGAGE!

Dark Evil Muse:  Fine!  You’re no fun!  Let me know when it’s Monday!  *blows raspberry*

Muse:  There.  I’m guessing that you wanted to do this, because of the conference this weekend, right?  Are you ready for it?

Am I ever!  This weekend is going to be amazing.  I will be hearing from Mohammad Murad, the president of Toastmasters International.  I will also be hearing from Kelly Swanson, a funny and amazing storyteller.  You’ll hear more about that in Sunday’s recap.

Muse:  Have fun at the conference!  I’m packing for mine.

You have one too?

Muse:  Yes.  The Imaginary division was modeled after Toastmasters International.  Therefore, the conferences are held around the same time of year.

Makes sense to me.  Time to get ready.

Muse:  Let me know how it turns out!

I need to get ready for the conference, and then leave for Jackson at 3:00.  There will be an entry tomorrow, trust me….

Today’s high is going to be 73 degrees and the silver lining is being all ready for the conference.

To those of you who have ever prepared for a memorable conference, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.

Muse:  It looks like Kyle is going to have a lot of fun.  So will I!  My conference is going to be so much fun!

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