Me & My Muse – Day 600B: Bad Seed

I nervously glanced at my Muse as she began her intense series of flashes. As this was going on, my Muse began to smile. Her widening smile became a laugh, and then a series of laughs, as if something were tickling her. Tee hee hee hee hee hee…

Her flashes continued and her laughter continued. She began to shrink and was getting younger. Years and years melted off of her body. Her body shrank until it was the size of a five-year old.

My Muse awoke, with the same smile that she had when I was sleeping. What could this Muse be? A child Muse? A younger Muse? Then I heard her say the words that made me change my mind: “I’m back! Tee hee!”

What?! It can’t be! The next form of my Muse was the Dark Muse? This is going to be a long 100 days…

“I’m back. Tee hee!” she repeated. “I’m home!”

I scowled. “I know that you’re back. What are you doing here?!”

She jabbed me in the arm. “Visiting my house. What else?”

“YOUR house?!” I shouted. “You already have your own body, you little brat! Leave her alone!”

“No!” she shouted. “It’s my home and I’m never gonna leave it! Tee hee!”

Just as I was about to strangle her, she suddenly fell asleep, her body plopping back onto the bed.

And to my surprise, she started flashing again. The flashes started bright and then grew darker. Her smile vanished when fear devoured it. Becoming more and more fearful, her fear disappeared and a new smile appeared. This time, it was the smile of a maniac. She grew and grew until she was back to her normal age.

After that, the flashing continued and her form changed. She grew larger, and began hissing and growling. Scared by these growls, I glanced away, watching a shadowed silhouette change shape before my very eyes.

“RAWR!!!!” she bellowed. The sound and echo was so loud that I covered my ears.

To my horror, I looked back. The series of dark flashes continued. Her beastly form continued to take shape, becoming more and more twisted by the second. She was covered in flashing scales, wild hair in various different directions and a pair of flashing claws.

“RAWR…” she growled again, bearing her jagged fangs. She was not the Muse that I remembered, but a terrible monstrosity.

Finally, the flashing stopped, and she approached me.

“COME OVER HERE…” she snarled in a deep guttural voice.

I reeled back in fear. “No!” I panicked. “Get away from me!”

I started to run, but my beastly Muse, who was more than four times my size, began running on all fours and quickly overtook me.

“NOW…” she gleefully hissed. “I WILL EAT YOU!!!”

Being cornered by her, I was afraid to move. Despite this, I started to run, but was pinned down by her claws.

Dangling from her claw, my arm started to drip with blood. She lifted me up, closer and closer to her mouth. She threw me up, releasing her grip. And then…

And then…I was alive? For some reason I was, but I was not in the Tower of Muses anymore. It was like I blacked out and woke up elsewhere. Could it be Remedy?

I looked at my arm, which was bleeding when she grabbed me. To my surprise, there was not a single trace of blood anywhere. No claw marks, either.

Then I remembered what just happened, and I started to cry. My Muse has transformed into a beast. A sinister beast. A totally evil beast. I remembered the look on her face before she almost ate me. It was a putrid smile. A smile that only a sick and twisted person would make.

If this is what my Muse is going to do for the next 100 days, then I’m done. I am not dealing with an evil Muse. I have dealt with a bad idea, a spoiled brat, a shy bashful Muse, a Christian Muse and a fairy. I will not deal with an evil one.

But am I really going to end it here? I can’t. If the show must go on, then bring it on. Let the next 100 days of torture begin…