Me & My Muse – Day 500b: Fairy Different

I sat on the bed, full of anxiety, as I watched my Muse begin her series of flashes.  This was her normal routine for her transformations.  Every 100 days, this was her normal pattern.  One that she followed right on schedule.  From my past experience, I have seen her transform into wonderful things.  In contrast, I have seen her become quite the opposite.  Even when she underwent the wonderful transformations, her dark counterpart was ready to corrupt them.  A paradox the Dark One was, resembling her doppelganger.  A bratty child resembling a perfect clone of my Muse’s DNA.  A neglected and unwanted idea with no place in the world, real or imaginary.  An idea gone bad determined to exist with the only way that it knew how.  This spelled out the darkest chapter in my Muse’s history.  One that I hoped and prayed would not play out again.

My Muse continued flashing, remaining calm and silent.  What would she be this time?  The terrible idea?  A spoiled brat? Completely shy and insecure?  A wonderful woman of God?  She was all of these before, so it would make sense that she would become something different this time…

The flashing got more and more intense.  This is when I knew that the form has been decided.  Watching carefully, I watched, as the flashing got smaller and smaller.  But then I noticed quickly that it wasn’t her flashing that was getting smaller, but her size.  She was shrinking, becoming tinier and tinier by the second.  Her tiny and intense flash remained, as she began to slightly change shape.  A pair of wings sprouted out of her back, shimmering and sparkling with the flashes.  A beautiful light blue dress sprouted over her flashing body.

And then it happened.  The flashes stopped and my Muse awoke.

“What happened?” she gasped.  And then she smiled.  With a blink of her eye, a magic wand appeared in her hand.

I couldn’t help but laugh.  But for her sake, I tried to conceal it, as I didn’t want to embarrass her.  “So,” I grinned.  “You’re going to be Tinkerbell?”  I burst into laughter.  I couldn’t help it.  I failed.

My Muse, in her new fairy form, was not amused at all.  And with the wave of her wand, she turned me into a gnat, something that was actually smaller than she was.

“So are you going to make fun of me now?” she challenged me.  “Are you?  HUH?”

I couldn’t respond to her as a gnat, as gnats could not talk.  She grabbed her wand and began thrusting into the ground, trying to squash me with it.  I evaded her every attempt.

Finally, because I couldn’t speak, I flew up next to her until I was staring at her, eye to eye.

My Muse sighed.  “So are you done making fun of me?  Very well.  I will change you back.”  And with that, she waved her wand and I was human again.

“Please don’t do that again!” I pleaded.  “I will not make fun of you again!  I promise!”

“Good.” My Muse said, with a smug and satisfied look on her face.  And then she flew up next to my face.  After giving me a careful stare, she frowned.  “What’s wrong?”

“It’s you,” I told her.  “It’s like you know this form very well, even though you haven’t been it for very long.  I mean, what are you?  A fairy?”

After my Muse glanced at herself for a split second, she nodded.  “Yup.  The best of them, in fact.”

“But you just became one!” I argued.  “Aren’t you uncomfortable in any way?  Scared of your new form?  How can this be?”

My Muse’s wings flapped rapidly, forming tiny sparkles which emanated around her.  “It must be the magic.  Tee hee!”

I gasped.  “Tee hee?  Oh no…”

My Muse frowned.  “Oh no, what?”

“You just said ‘tee hee’.”

My Muse gave me a playful tap on the nose.  “Don’t you know?  That’s how all fairies laugh.  Now if you would excuse me, I need to return home.”

“Don’t you mean ‘explore your new home’?” I corrected her.

“No.” she told me.  “I already know where I live.  It’s the magic.  Now I need to get going.”

She flew towards my head, almost flying downward, when she stopped.  “Oh yeah!” she exclaimed.

“Oh yeah, what?”

My Muse tapped her tiny hand against her wand.  She tittered, causing a myriad of sparkles to fill the room.  “You get one wish per day.”

I smiled.  “One wish?  Why not two or three?”

“Just one,” she repeated.  “It’s in the Rules of the Ancient Fairy Counsel.  You get one wish per day.  You can earn more for granting various favors that I ask of you.”

“Interesting.” I told her.  “Do I get to use one?”

“Just one.” she told me.

“I wish that you were not a fairy anymore.”

“Except that one,” she said, shaking her hand.  “I can’t grant that wish.”

“What?” I gasped.

“There are certain wishes that I cannot grant.” she told me.  “That wish is one of them.  Try again.”

“Fine.” I told her.  “I wish that I knew the truth behind your fairy magic.”

My Muse flew towards me, giving me a pondering look.  “Interesting wish.  Nonetheless, I must grant it…”

And just like that, a large book materialized into my hands in a bright flash of light.

“That is the Book of Fairies,” she told me.  “That will tell you everything about who I am.  Have a wonderful night.  I will see you tomorrow.  Best wishes and sweet dreams!”

My Muse flew upward in her tiny fairy body and dove directly into my head.  She vanished as she entered, leaving a splash of radiant light.

This is a wonderful surprise.  A fairy Muse?  My Muse is now a fairy, but I’m curious about her memories, as she knows a lot about being a fairy.  What does that book have to say about who she is? I will be reading up on that for sure.

From who she was last time, this is a fairly different shift.  But this will make for a very fun 100 days, since I get a minimum of one wish per day.

With this day coming to an end, let the next 100 begin!  I am ready for the magic, and will learn secrets that will unravel who she is and why she is…