Me & My Muse – Day 421: A Day Off and Toastmasters

It’s that day again.  That day that I can actually take a deep breath and relax.  I have a day off, and I’m not about to waste it.

For updates, I will have one soon on The Tale of Zachary Willowbrook: The School Years, so look for it.

To recap the rest of the day, I will be working on that project, and I might be mowing the lawn.  Tonight, I have a Toastmasters meeting, so this day is going to be busy.


Muse:  Did you use it?

I did, the other day.

Muse:  Good.  I’m glad that it benefited you.  Try to use the prayer room as much as possible.  It’s a nice and quiet place to go to pray.  In fact, I’m going to use it again.  Is there anything that you want me to pray about?

Just that I effectively use my time and that I do everything that is pleasing to God.  And that I abstain from using idols.

Muse:  You won’t if you don’t spend too much time on those things.  I will pray for all of these things. Sounds like a good topic to discuss for another time.

It does.  I will want to talk about it more in the future.

Muse:   We will.  Have a good day!  Time to use the prayer room!


That’s today in a nutshell.  Work on my story, possibly mow my grandparent’s lawn and go to a Toastmasters meeting.  I am Toastmaster tonight, so it should be pretty good.

Today’s high is going to be 79 degrees and the silver lining is having a day off.

To those of you who like days off and extracurricular activities, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Please help Kyle use his time in an effective manner.  Let him not waste a single minute…