Me & My Muse – Day 417: Closing the Week

I hate to see the quality of these entries suffer due to my new workload.

Cutting to the chase, I close tonight.  I work 3 to midnight. That leaves little time for anything else.  At 1:45, the bus will be taking me to work.  After that, I will work, streetpass and then go to bed.

With time, I hope to somehow manage my busy work schedule and find a balance in writing something thoughtful in these daily musings.  For now, I’m still trying to figure that out.  With 30+ hours a week, that doesn’t really leave a lot of time left.  At least for me it doesn’t, since I haven’t figured out the Balancing Act yet.


Muse:  You will.

I hope so.  I hate seeing the quality of my daily entries suffer.

Muse:  Try to make that extra time then.  Even if it means having less time to work on your story.

I want to do both.  And if that means spending less time on my story, so be it.  Spending less time on it is better than spending no time on it.  With less time, it will still get done sooner or later.

Muse:  How was your birthday dinner?

It was nice.  I had some chicken enchiladas, Mexican rice, refried beans and edamame.  For dessert, I had some lime pie and pear pie.

Muse:  That’s good.  I’m glad you had a good dinner last night. With your workload, I will go to the prayer room again.

Thank you.  I will have to use that sooner or later.

Muse:  Please do.  It’s a real nice room.  It’s quiet and peaceful.  The colors are just right and the atmosphere is calming…

I will definitely consider coming there soon.  I need to get ready now.

Muse: Okay.  Time for some coffee.  After that, I will pray…


I guess I’m off to a good start here.  While this entry is not short, I would place it in the mediumish category.  With time, I will be able to find the balance in being able to write something that doesn’t waste your time.

Today’s high is going to be 76 degrees and the silver lining is enjoying this day before the closing shift.

To those of you who have to deal with busy work schedules, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  With time, it will come.  Please God, help him to manage his busy schedule.  Give him rest where he needs rest and peace where he needs peace.  Please God, help him…

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