Me & My Muse – Day 409: Unrehearsed

It seems like whenever I have the opportunity to have vacation, this opportunity vanishes almost immediately.

If you have read yesterday’s entry, I mention how I was able to  have “the rest of the day to relax” after my oven shift.  Unfortunately, this did not happen.  Since someone had the stomach flu at work.

So this was the flowchart of what happened.

– Take 45 minute bus ride home from work.

– Call work to find out about the replacement.  Volunteer since no replacement was made (this worked out, since I needed the hours anyway).

– Watch last week’s episode of Extant.

– Catch up on YouTube subscriptions in bedroom while putting my work clothes back on and eating dinner.  I enjoyed a hearty burrito with sriracha and Cheerios Protein Oats & Honey while I watched NintendoCapriSun and HCBailly.

– Finish my daily journal for today while watching YouTube subscriptions.  This would make getting ready for bed a lot easier, since I would have one less thing to do.

– Listen to three chapters of Psalms from the Zondervan audio bible on my iPod.  These were tomorrow’s chapters, since I wanted to clear up some space for that day.

– Drive back into work using an alternate form of transportation.  I went in with my dad’s truck and worked three more hours at Little Caesars.  It actually wasn’t that bad, since an additional person helped me and the manager close.  I made some more sauce, did some dishes and counted the store inventory prior to closing.

– Drive to Burger King, and three different McDonald’s to obtain Streetpass data for my Nintendo 3DS.  I got a lot of new puzzle pieces and was able to make a lot of progress on the Find Mii II secret quest.

– Arrive at home and get ready for bed.  The time was after 11:00, and I consumed a slice of raspberry pie with some Reddi Whip as my reward.  I am definitely getting up at 8:30 or later.

– Complete devotional for the next day.  The time was already after midnight, so I could start on it anyway.


Looking at today, I have the day off, guaranteed and I am enjoying it 100%.  In doing this, I am not practicing for tonight’s speech.  I will deliver the speech unrehearsed.  I have already practiced it the other day so I already know what it’s going to look like.


Muse:  It’s done.

The prayer room?  That’s nice.

Muse:  You’re busy.  I can see it in your eyes.

Well, after longing for a day off, I finally get one.  Yesterday was a false alarm.  Today is completely legitimate.  Can this wait?

Muse:  It can, but I just wanted to let you know that the prayer room is done.  I have already used it a couple times.  You are welcome to use it whenever you want.

Okay.  I’ll use it when I need to.

Muse:  Okay.  Enjoy your day off!  Time for lunch…


I will now begin enjoying this day to the fullest.  I will work more on my story and enjoy everything that this day has to offer.

Today’s high is going to be 80 degrees and the silver lining is actually getting a day off.

To those of you who treasure getting days off, hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Before lunch, I’m using this prayer room again.  God, please help Kyle to enjoy his day.  Help him to ease the stress that he experiences with his new work load.  Please God.  Answer my prayer…