Me & My Muse – Day 400: Happy Birthday!

Once again, the day is here again.  I’m another year older.  Another year wiser.  Getting on the subject of birthdays, I really love them.  Most of us love celebrating the day of our birth.  This is usually done with presents, a special dinner and the cake and ice cream, with is the staple for most birthday parties.

Birthdays are also the time that you get numerous people coming out of the woodwork.  If you have a facebook, you will find a number of people that you normally never talk to wishing you happy birthday.  I actually don’t have a problem with this, since everyone who does this are people that I do know.  Some, however, are people that I haven’t talked to in years.  Oh facebook and your birthday stalkers.  You never cease to amaze me….


Muse:  Happy birthday, Kyle!

Cake 2

For me?  Thank you!

Muse:  The shy tics are also gone, so you don’t have to worry about them.

I’m so glad that they are.  I wouldn’t want you to run away from me on my birthday!

Muse: N-n-no!  Not now!

Really?  Not on my birthday!

Muse:  Just kidding!  I would’ve been out of this room by now if I were for real.

I can remember how last year’s birthday was.  You were normal and not the Dark Muse.

Muse: You mean the Bad Idea, right?  For just that one day, I was normal.  After that, the Bad Idea took over again.  It was terrible.

You know what?  I just noticed that today is the 400th day of Me & My Muse.

Muse:  400?  Oh no!  I better work on that tower and the milestone entry…

You mean, you don’t have it done yet?

Muse:  Of course I have it done!  I’m just kidding.

That just dawned on me.  Tonight is the night that you transform into a new Muse.  If you’re doing that, how are you going to have birthday dinner with me?

Muse:  That’s not an issue.  I will create a temporary clone to lie there in my place.  We can celebrate your birthday all day and I’ll have dinner with you, too.  When I’m ready, I will ditch the clone and return to my cocooned slumber.


Muse:  I have everything all planned out.  There are no holes in this day.

Awesome!  I was actually kind of worried about not having dinner with you, but you have that all under control.

Muse: So, what do you want to do, birthday boy?

Whatever I want.  After all, it is my birthday, right?

Muse:  Right.  It took me quite a while to make that cake, so please eat all of it.

Don’t worry.  I will, just for you.

Muse:  Don’t I get a piece?

We’ll both eat it.  We’ll eat it together…

Muse:  What about your brother?

All three of us.  We will all eat it together.

Muse:  Sounds good to me!

You….look beautiful.  Even more so than other days.

Muse:  It’s for you.  I appreciate your level of creativity.  It keeps me healthy.  The new ideas that are born.  The ideas that eventually ripen into the most delicious of food.  There is never a shortage.  You always provide for me, and I’m thankful for it.

Well, if I leave you starved, it doesn’t help me at all.  I don’t mind going the extra mile to keep you healthy.

Muse:  Your food has given me a unique vitality.  One that almost blurs the lines of reality and imagination.  I long to be a person like you, but alas….There is a wall of separation between us.

Deja vu much?

Muse:  I know.  I said that last year, and it’s still something that I long for.  When you find your wife, you will find me.  The REAL me.

Muse: Like last year, I will ask again.  What do you want to do on your birthday?

I just want to have a nice dinner with my family.  A nice dinner with some cake and ice cream.  Before that, I’ll be playing a little bit of my new game and will watch some footage from some of my past birthdays.

Muse:  As you wish.  It’s your day, so I won’t sway any of your decisions.

Good.  I’m sure that you won’t be swayed by this…

*gives Muse a kiss on the lips*

Muse:  Hey.  I was just about to kiss you!  My turn!

*Muse gives me a big kiss*

That was really good.  There’s plenty more where that came from later.

Muse:  Not too later.  I’m transforming.  Remember?

Oh yeah.  That’s right.  And who knows what you will be?  Hopefully not something worse…

Muse:  I hope not, either.  I honestly don’t know what I’m going to be next.  I never do!  Anyway, I’ll let you get ready.  Happy 30th Birthday, Kyle!

*Muse gives me another kiss and vanishes back into my head*


Isn’t she amazing?  I love her immensely and I hope to meet her true identity some day…

From that exchange, it looks like my Muse already gave me her gift, and I shared it with her.  I will also eat all of that cake with her and my brother. Man, am I going to feel that in the morning.

For today, I will be enjoying my birthday and will have a nice dinner at Genji Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar tonight.  After that, my friend will come over for cake and ice cream.  Today’s high is going to be 72.  There’s supposed to be showers and thunderstorms later, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  So far, it’s been sunny.  The silver lining today is pretty obvious.  It is my birthday and my brother and I will be enjoying it.

To all of you who love birthdays like I do,  I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Happy 30th birthday, Kyle!  I hope that yours is a really good one….

2 thoughts on “Me & My Muse – Day 400: Happy Birthday!

  1. Happy 30th birthday, Kyle! That birthday kiss was quite special, wasn’t it?

    Enjoy your birthday. I hope that you have the very best, and whatever I become, I will enjoy your company.

    I wish you the very best on this special day. I love you very much and I hope that your birthday was very special!