Me & My Muse – Day 390: Leftover Thai Curry

Leftovers again?  But these are good leftovers.  As I am typing this, I am eating the leftovers from a takeout dish from the Basil Thai Bistro from last night.

The box is of good quality and…the dish you ask? Their chicken curry fried rice.  My friend ordered it extra spicy for me, and it’s really good.

After eating some of the take out, I will be working a 12 to 6 at Little Caesars.  Long hours come with management.  Something that I’m getting used to.


Dark Muse:  I’m still hungry!  Tee hee!


You’re several miles tall!  This is not good at all…

Dark Muse:  I know, tee hee…  I’m still hungry.  Tee hee…

*Dark Muse flashes*

What did you…oh no…My executive privileges…

Dark Muse:  That was yummy.  Tee hee!  Now give me some more food, NOW!!!!

*a vortex opens up, sucking me and the Dark Muse in*


Great.  It’s hopeless.  I’m now inside the Muse.  I would want to stop her, but I can’t.  I have no confidence.

The high for today is going to be 81 degrees and the silver lining is…nothing.  There is no silver lining.  I lost all my confidence from her.

So everyone.  If you like leftovers, try to have a good day.


Dark Muse:  Tee hee!  This is great!  More food!  Tee hee…

*Dark Muse begins draining confidence from cities and surrounding counties, greatly increasing her size*