Me & My Muse – Day 344: Where the Passion Lies

I want to be a writer.  But do writers really make that much money?  I ask this question because I am currently seeking a “day job”.  Well, of course you know the answer to that.  Of course writers don’t get paid.  For the group that does, there are but a very few that fall into this category.

How is this so?  The ones that get paid well know their craft well.  They are a gushing fountain of ideas, flowing with a fine selection of words, plot devices, characters and various other elements of their craft that clearly define their success.  And it is not just them that defines it, but the audience that fuels it.  They know the kind of writing that can elicit the kind of response that they want to see in the audience.  They craft that narrative to create that emotional connection.  The experience that the audience is looking for.  And it is that experience that keeps the audience reading that book from cover to cover.  It is the fine balance of narrative summaries and immediate scenes.  It is the colorful tapestry of events, memorable characters, dialogue and scenery that captivates the audience.  They can’t put the book down.  The sense of urgency is there.  One more page.  I must see how this turns out…

The ones that get paid well are also known well by the audience.  These writers are well established and are not the “new kid on the block”.  With their self-branding being considered a household name, it is their name alone that sells their books.  The titans of fiction and non-fiction enjoy the fruits of their labor, while the thousands of invisible names scramble around in the darkness, like an army of ants without their queen.  They are not seeking to sell many copies.  Their goal is to sell a book, period.

For those who follow me daily, you know who I am.  In the world of writing, I am known as K. L. Walker.  Or am I?  Does the world of writing really know who I am?  Who is K. L. Walker?  Anyone who would see my book on a shelf would be taking a risk just to look at it.  As much as I would want them to, they don’t know my work.  And if they were to see it, they would see a craft in the making.  The craft of a beginner.  Artful storytelling gone wrong.  Narrative summaries and immediate scenes unbalanced.  A terrible eyesore to read.  Where is the conflict?  That catalyst that keeps the story moving?  This is my struggle as a writer.  A struggle that I share with every writer in the present and every writer before me.  The pursuit for perfection.  No writer has ever obtained it, but some have gotten really close.

That struggle is one that I am working on as a writer.  But however, as I am working on it, none of my work have made me any money yet.  And yes.  This is common for any writer who is trying to begin.  But that brings me back to my point.  That “day job”.  My “day job” doesn’t even make enough money for me to live anywhere.

Here are my terms.  I need a full-time job that can make me more than $15 an hour.  Twenty would be nice.  Twenty-five would be amazing, and 30 would be ideal.  For 30 would be four times what I currently make right now.

But where are these jobs?  I have a Journalism degree and I am full of ambition.  I am in Toastmasters, using everything that I have learned from the program, everything for what it’s worth.  With all the things that I have managed in the club, I could be a manager of some capacity.  I would love a headhunter to seek out my talent and recognize it for what it is.  I may be managing roles for a non-profit organization, but the principles are the same.  This is my deck of cards, and at least one of the hands need to be good.


Ghost Muse:  Keep at it.  That post was very good.

Are you sure?

Ghost Muse:  Are you?  I think you are.  I think that good things are bound to happen to you.  It’s only a matter of time.

Thank you.  In the mean time, I will have to see these ordinary days through.  For the extraordinary lies ahead…

Ghost Muse:  And it will come when you are not expecting it to.  Someone will recognize your talents for what they are and will lend you a hand.

When that happens, I will be beyond words.  It’s a proven law.  When you help people enough, people are bound to return the favor.

Ghost Muse:  You have a speech to practice for.  I’ll let you practice.  Good luck with that!


Thank you.  Today, I will be giving my second icebreaker.  It’s kind of spur of the moment, so I hope that it turns out right.  I will also be working my usual hours at the “pizza pit”.  Hopefully, I will find a better “day job” eventually…

Today’s high is going to be 82 degrees and the silver lining is tonight’s Toastmasters meeting.

To those of you who know what their passions are, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Here I go…No.  Here I don’t.  Why don’t I ever have any confidence?  I want to visit him.  *sob*