Me & My Muse – Day 340: I am Tired

I feel like that I’m really tired and I’m ready to ready my breaking point.

How is that so?  It has been the stress of work, and having to deal with this six days out of the week.  But that’s not the half of it.

The job that I am working at right now is draining me both physically and mentally.  With all that money I’m making, you would think that it would pay for something, right?  Wrong.

The place that I work only pays me $7.50 an hour.  That’s a dime more than minimum wage.  Whoopdie doo.  How is THAT supposed to help me pay for any kind of living expenses?  Here am I, a grown man still living with my parents.  I am sick of it!

Let’s see…job search engines…Pure Michigan Talent Connect has Plumber Journeyman, Mortgage Loan Originator, Business Banker and an Administrative Position.  The Admin position starts part-time, but I need something full time.  And scrolling to the bottom of the first page…nope!  Nothing.

Now on to Monster.  Medical Assistant, Coffee Host, Restaurant Shift Supervisor, Controller, all the way to the bottom of the page…nope! Nothing again.

Does Career Builder have anything?  Event assistant, Export Compliance Technician, Meeting Planning, File Room Clerk…Meh.  File Room Clerk is worth a try, even though I have tried for these kinds of jobs before and haven’t gotten them.  Not even an interview!

Now…Store Manager, Sales Associate, a Lease Purchase for a truck…Nothing here.

So there you go.  One job.  And from my experience in applying for those Kelly Services jobs before, I know that it won’t be met with much success.

I am tired of working at a job that just wears me out physically and mentally.  I am tired of working six days a week!  I am tired of getting paid minimum wage!  When am I going to get self sufficient?  I have asked and asked and ASKED for a job, and I have not received.  “Ask you and you will receive.” What is that supposed to mean?  I know that it’s true, but how can something like that be applied in my life?

Well, I’m done.   I have a crappy four-hour shaker shift at the “pizza pit”and I have a lawn to mow at my grandparents that I could’ve mowed yesterday.  My friend’s coming over tonight, and oh yeah…It’s pay day.  Big whoopdie doo.  I’ll just get a bunch of pennies in my paycheck.   I’m done.


Ghost Muse:  You don’t want to…


Today’s high is going to be 67 degrees and the silver lining is my friend coming over tonight.

To those of you who have it better off than I do, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


[The post-entry Muse dialogue has been suspended for this entry, due to the creator’s negative mood]