Me & My Muse – Day 338: More Rain

There is not much for me to say today.  I stayed up late last night, and I am tired as a result.

I was going to cut my grandparent’s lawn, but that was cancelled due to it raining.

Today, I work four hours at the “pizza pit”.  What else is new?

To stop things off, I’m inside the Shy Muse’s house, and she is still sleeping…


Muse:  *snore*…Wha…Who said that?

*Muse wakes up*

Muse:  You got my letter and you came!

Actually, I…

Muse:  It’s okay…No! Stop!  Get away!

*Muse covers face with her hands*

Why did you summon me?

Muse:  I…didn’t…

You did.  You summoned me in your sleep.

Muse:  I did?  I can’t remember doing this…Now please…get away!

Why did you write that letter?

Muse:  *sigh* I knew that was a bad idea!  Just go away!  Forget that I wrote that stupid letter!

*the house begins vibrating from a light tremor, as the void inside the Muse continues to grow*

You lost your confidence again, didn’t you?

Muse:  Since when have I ever had confidence?  I’m shy!   Remember?

But it’s not your fault.  You have a growing void inside you.

Muse:  No I don’t!  You’re just making that up because you don’t like me!

I’m not.  It’s consuming every bit of confidence that you have, so you don’t ever have any.

Muse:  *sob*  Stop lying!

But it’s true!

Muse:  I said STOP LYING!!!!!!

*the house violently shakes as the void grows substantially*

Whoa…My confidence!  It’s a good thing that I have unshakable confidence!

Muse: So do I!

Then come near me.

Muse:  I…can’t!

That’s because you don’t have any confidence.

Muse:  Shut up!  Go away!  I hate you!

I’m just trying to tell you…

Muse:  I said GO AWAY!!!!!

*Muse hides herself underneath the covers as I get blown out of the Realm of Imagination*


That Muse is getting worse.  I feel like that confidence void is growing more and more.  Her shyness is getting worse.  Her desire to be with me is getting greater, but I feel like that is only fueled by the confidence-hungry void.  That void can’t get any bigger or it will start to get dangerous.

Anyway, I need to get ready now.  I only have two hours remaining.

Today’s high is going to be 70 degrees and the silver lining is hopefully getting more of my story done.

To those of you who have a change of plans, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  *sob* That letter was stupid!  Why did I write that?  I can’t do anything right!  I can’t even be with one person!  Why?  Why?  WHY?!!!!!!

*house shakes and the void continues to grow inside her*