Me & My Muse – Day 300b: Transformation

Just like before, my Muse is flashing.  Hopefully, she’ll become something good this time.  I hated her when she acted spoiled….

My Muse began flashing rapidly.  The flash slowed, but grew brighter and increased in intensity.  The slower the flashing got, the more intense the brightness became.  My Muse changed shape, transforming into a different woman.

After the flashing finally stopped, my Muse sat there, surrounded by a bright aura of white light.  Although she was the same Muse, she looked different and brand new.

Upon looking at me, my Muse gasped.  Her face began to sweat and she looked afraid.

I sighed.  “What’s wrong?”

My Muse gave no response.  She covered her hands over her face, as if to try to hide it.  She then began to weep.

“Why are you covering your face with your hands?” I asked her.  “You have a beautiful face!”

My Muse’s face was indeed beautiful, but she refused to let anyone see it. For some reason, she was unwilling to speak.  She wouldn’t utter a single word.  All I heard was her bawling.  All I saw were her tears that began to drip off her chin.

When I approached her, she stood up on her feet and got off the bed.  She backed away from me like I was a stranger.

“What’s the matter?” I asked her.  “You know who I am, don’t you?”

My Muse gave a slight nod, as if it took every ounce of energy to do it.

“If you know who I am, then tell me what your problem is.” I pleaded with her.

My Muse shook her head and turned around, her back facing me.

“Turn around,” I told her.

But my Muse remained still.  That was until her body began to twitch.  It shook in small spasms, from her legs to her face.

With my Muse unable to see me, I approached her and offered her my hand.  I placed her hand on mine.  “Let me help you.”

But when my Muse saw me, she screamed.  “Go away!” she shouted.  She turned around and began running as fast as she could.  But she was wearing a skirt, so she could only run so fast.

I caught up with her and wrapped my arms around her waist.  “You can tell me your problem.” I told her.  “You don’t need to be afraid.”

But then I saw a new problem.  One that would make you die of embarrassment.  Her problem dripped down her legs and onto her bare slippered feet.  My Muse’s face reddened with embarrassment.

“Leave me alone!” she wailed.  And, hiding her face, she disappeared into my head.

Based on my observations, it has become quite clear.  My Muse has become shy.  A Muse with zero confidence.  Not even enough to talk to me or anyone.

So we’re going from a spoiled Muse to a shy Muse?  How am I going to handle this?  She won’t even talk to me!  100 days of this?  I better be able to help her!

There is no doubt or denying it.  The next 100 days is going to be a challenge….