Me & My Muse – Day 292: I Hate My Job

How many people actually like their job?  For those who do, consider yourself fortunate.

Last night, I experienced one of the most stressful shifts that I ever had.  We could not keep up and were pretty much behind the whole time.  I have had some busy shifts before, and they were a lot more manageable.  Last night was total hell.  I thought that I was going to have a heart attack, but my heart was resilient. I de-stressed the last hour, making sauce.   I survived the shift.  Really.  Should earning 40 dollars really be that much trouble?

It’s starting to get to me.  Two years at Burger King and almost four years at Little Caesars.  I cannot get any satisfaction out of my job.  Granted, I’m a really good worker but it doesn’t make any difference.  Even if I were to manage the store, it wouldn’t make any difference.  Getting paid so little to do so much is really taking a toll on my nerves.

Why does it not make a difference?  At the place where I work, advancement doesn’t matter.  Even if I did get a promotion and more hours, the pay wouldn’t be that much higher.  As I said before, if you’re not making $17,000 a year, you are starving to death.

I have a college degree and I’m almost 30.  How well does that make me fit in?  I’m dealing with a workplace full of employees that are ten or more years younger than me.  There are only two people there that are older than me, and one runs the store and the other is another manager.  I just don’t feel like I fit in, having different goals and fighting for the one unobtainable goal that I have not received: self-sufficiency.

To be self-sufficient, you must have your own place to live.  And for someone who’s pushing 30, that’s not happening yet.  I worry about this, since I want to be able to provide for myself, should anything ever happen to my parents.  Is self-sufficiency wrong?  Because I have asked for it so many times and have not received it.

For self-sufficiency, it begins with having the right job to achieve this.  I am seriously considering looking at different job markets.  The ones that I have been looking at have not been successful in the past.  I have tried searching for journalism jobs and admin/clerical jobs.  Have I not been searching enough for them?  Because I have not found any when I have.  While the high demand jobs would be good to get into, they would require a lot more schooling.  I already have a four-year degree and I don’t have the time or money to spend on another one.

With this problem, the one solution that I have been looking at is medical coding.  I mentioned this yesterday.  Now this too costs money for the training course, but it can get funded through the program that I’m enrolled in.  My only caveat with this is that there better be a job waiting for me after I finish!  I am not going to go through the trouble in pursuing this if there is no quick placement.  That would be more money and time wasted.  Not to mention more frustration.

So I said it. It’s right there in the title.  And if the truth was made known, full-time employees are more unhappy with their job than part-timers.  If this really is the case, I find it unbelievable.  With a full-time job, I would be the happiest person in the world.  Forget the “honeymoon phase” that most people talk about when you first get a job.  It wouldn’t happen to me.  I would enjoy every day and appreciate it.

If part-timers are happier with their jobs, it makes sense.  Most of them are in high school or college, so they have something to look forward to.  For me, I’m in a position I don’t belong in.  A job that is suited for a high-schooler or a college student but not suited for me.

If I can try to end on something positive, that would be great.  Having a stressful shift yesterday did not help one bit.  Also, I really want to be more happy than I was yesterday.  My happiness was crushed by the demand of the Friday Rush.  A bunch of hungry people profiting off of the blood, sweat and tears from a handful of understaffed and overworked employees.  My goal today is to be happy, and I don’t want any environmental factor to affect that.

But hope springs eternal.  From my experiences in the past, God does not break promises.  He keeps them.  And if any seem delayed, it is part of His timing.  No matter how frustrated I may be about that, He is always patient.  The darkness will end, the clouds will scatter and the sun will shine.

Until the sun shines, I need to keep my head up.  It is not an easy thing to do, I admit.  It’s all about me thriving on the source of confidence that will keep me strong and positive.  I am confident in my job, and I need to be confident in my future, no matter what it will bring….


Ghost Muse:  Are we going to….

No.  Not today either.  I’m not in the mood.

Ghost Muse:  Okay…..


Today’s high is going to be 55 degrees and the silver lining is learning to smile when you’re faced with undesirable circumstances.

To those of you who do not like the job that you have,  I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Empathy.  It is something that can only be experienced, not bought.  When I finish my big scene, I will consider trying it.  Then I will see how the other side lives….