Me & My Muse – Day 291: Long Shift, No Reward

It bothers me to work so hard to make so little.  Does it really make any sense to work for six hours to get paid 45 dollars?  No, wait!  That was before taxes.  If we take out taxes, we’re looking at a figure that’s around 40 dollars.  Heck.  People at the poverty line are doing better than this!

Let’s cut to the chase.  I work a six-hour shift today.   A six hour shift that is not even worth working.  When it costs $17,000  just to live, why would it make any sense at all for me to work 15-20 hours a week?  Even if you were to do the math, it doesn’t even come close.  Last year, I only made around $7,000.  Around?  It wasn’t even close.  It was only around $6,700, to be exact.

So there’s no reward, if any at all to work a longer shift.  Let’s do the math.  This week, assuming that I work all of my hours, will have 19.5 for this week.  And my current wage is $7.50 an hour.  The total pay comes out to $146.25, but let’s not forget Uncle Sam.  He gets about 11% of that.  Let’s see….That’s $146.25 minus $16.09, giving me $130.16 as my take home pay.  Do you see why I’m so upset?

Nothing is working.  Yesterday, I had a discussion with my job search counselor.  He mentioned that he couldn’t find any journalism jobs at all.  No admin/clerical jobs either.  I think somebody is holding out.  And it’s the industries that are too afraid to hire new employees.  If they do, then they would have to provide free health care.  Well, screw the system!  I’ll agitate the gavel and pound it through the foundations of the economy until it vomits out all the jobs that I desire!

So if it sounds like I’m fed up, it’s because I am.  I’m fed up with working so hard to make so little.  My job search counselor mentioned that medical coding job that he can help me pursue.  Well, hook me up with it!  Why don’t we tell the other counselor that nothing’s working.  I have pursued my degree in every avenue and there are no jobs anywhere.  I am working on editing a manuscript for a story that I wrote.  I am putting together a portfolio of every creative writing piece that I have ever worked on.  I am in the middle of writing my second book, with the first manuscript in development hell (well, it is because the editor hasn’t returned it to me yet).  I am actively involved in Toastmasters.  And what has all this work yielded me?  It has qualified me for a world record.  I am the most productive person in the world that has not produced a single result.

And the reason for the lack of results is not me.  I have done all the hard work.  I have planted all the seeds.  I just haven’t seen anything grow.  And if I pursue this medical coding job, there better as hell be a job ready for me!  I am not going to invest all the time and effort into a job that does not exist.  Just look at the economy.  Journalism jobs don’t exist.  And if they do, they favor card-carrying democrats.

Is there EVER going to be a time where I am going to see results?  The jury is out.  My job search counselor can’t find any jobs and neither can I.  And if you do have a cozy job, stop complaining about the things that you can’t afford! You can fricking afford a house and a family!  You can afford your vacations and your nice cars.  But I can’t even afford to put a roof over my head, let alone the food that I would need to survive on my own!  I only make about a third of what one adult can live off of.  To barely make it, I would need $20,000.  To be okay, at least $40,000.  To be really cozy, $60,000.

I have prayed about this.  I have prayed about this again and again.  And if you are not the kind of person who believes what I do, just stay out of it.  I believe that there is a God, and that he listens.  And if you don’t, go find some other blog to read because I’m not going to stop talking about him for your sake.  Getting back to what I was saying, I have prayed about this over and over.  Am I being tested?  I have not received anything, nor have I been guaranteed anything at all.  All I heard last night was a still small voice:

“I have a special work for you.  Just be patient.”

What kind of “special work” does he have for me?  I don’t mean to be impatient, but I’m almost 30 years old.  And if this takes any longer, I’m going to be dead.

Well, he said that it’s going to happen, so we’ll see.  Who am I to test his patience any longer?  As it is, he has already been really patient with me.  More patient than what I could ever be with myself.

In the meantime, I will look for this “special work” that he wants me to do.  From what I understand, it is something that I need to look for.  He will let me know when the time is right and what to do.

This reminds me of a speech that I heard at the Toastmasters E Division Evaluation Contest.  A woman spoke of her encounter with God and how he wanted her to play the piano for some old people.  She was also in the middle of moving.  She was told that she would move before “the first snow fell”.  During this experience, she became anxious.  But God then reminded her of the task again.  She went and did what she was told.  During the move, time was running out. It was starting to get late in autumn.  It didn’t seem like she was going to move in time.  But she kept at it.  And when she finished moving the last of her things to her new place, she looked outside.  It was snowing.  She was told that she would make the move before “the first snow fell”.  God kept his promise!

A story like this reminds me that God has me right where he wants me to be.

So in the meantime, I will look for the work.  I will then labor my six hour shift to no end, at the cost of chaos, stress and headaches.  All the while I will be praying for something positive to surface.  Something positive for this day that will make me cast a bright smile with the radiance of 1,000 suns.  Happiness will then become a virus, and everyone will be infected by it.


Ghost Muse:  Kyle!  The Spoiled Rich Muse has bought this planet!

No she hasn’t.  We’re not doing this story today.  Being the director, I order everything to pause until I say resume.

Muse:  Is that a cut then?

Yes.  CUT!

Muse:  Drat!  And this was my most dramatic scene!

That’s a wrap!  Everyone can go home for today!

Ghost Muse:  Thank you.  I can take this ghost costume off.

Muse:  And I can settle in my presidential suite.  I will return to my mansion when the filming is done.

Ghost Muse:  I’m going home.  Let me know when the action continues, okay?

I will.  Just listen for the word “Action”.

Remedy:  Are there any more rehearsals?

No.  All rehearsals are cancelled for today.  That goes for everyone.  You can all go home now!

*lights shut off in the studio*


Well, I’m finished with my thoughts for the day.

Today’s high is going to be 57 degrees and the silver lining is something that I hope to find today.  Whatever it is, it should make me smile.

To those of you who actually have a livable wage,  I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  If we’re off for today, I’m just going to practice my lines.  That scene was my finest hour, and I want to make sure that I get it right!