Me & My Muse – Day 183: Brrr….

Is 6 below cold enough for you? I know it is for me.

And if I were you, I wouldn’t hold your breath.  It’s only supposed to get up to 6 degrees today.  6 degrees!!


Muse:  That’s too cold!  Today is a perfect day to stay inside and read.

Today is a perfect day to stay inside and look for a job….

Muse: Good luck with finding one!  I know that you’re bound to find one sooner or later….

I hope so.  My sister found a job pretty quickly.

Muse:  But not everybody does that.  She was in the right place at the right time….

So where will that right place be for me, and when will it be the right time?

Muse:  I can’t tell you when that is, because I don’t know myself.  But I know that it will be soon.  Just keep looking, okay?

I also have a Toastmasters meeting tonight so I better get busy….

Muse:  I better get started on this book.  It’s a pretty good one, and I don’t want to waste anymore of this day!

Neither do I.  Time to get started!

Muse:  I’m one step ahead of you!  I’m all showered.  Time for some reading….And don’t worry about the ideas.  I got all the work done first….Midnight Dreamers, here I come!


Today would be a perfect day for some hot chocolate.  For anyone who’s going outside, stay warm!

Today’s high is going to be only 6 degrees and the silver lining is having a day off and not having to shovel anything today.

To all of you who are staying warm inside, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  First page and I’m already hooked.  This story is going to be a good one!