Me & My Muse – Day 181: 100% Chance of Snow…..

When I look I outside, it’s snowing.  Tons of snow.  Fields of snow.  Snow for days…..

While your young ones can enjoy the new powder, us adults have to shovel it.  If you’re into skiing, you can hit the slopes tomorrow.  With almost 4 inches of new snow, Winter is here to stay, and it’s going to be a long one.


Muse:  I hope the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow.

What are you talking about?  Your realm doesn’t have snow!

Muse:  Actually….It kind of does.  After wanting it to snow one day, I used my Intangible abilities to make this happen.  However, I cannot undo the effects…..

Has it been snowing nonstop?

Muse:  It actually stops every now and then, like your snow does.  I don’t mind having it, since it’s easy to dispose of.

Easy for YOU, Miss Intangible! Why don’t you try it the hard way?

Muse:  Why?  It’s so convenient to do it the easy way.

Yes.  It’s so easy to just to think the snow away.  You know what?  I think that you’re too scared to do it….

Muse:  Too scared?  Well, I can shovel just as good as you can!

Well, prove it then.  When it stops snowing in your realm, shovel it like I do.  No cheating!

Muse:  You’re on!  And don’t worry.  I won’t cheat….Back to my reading now….


We’ll see if she cheats.  Before I start, I’ll see if she’s done.  And if she is, she cheated.

Today’s high was 24 degrees and the silver lining is enjoying a day off from work.

To those of you who love watching it snow, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Sure.  I’ll shovel the snow….MY way!  He doesn’t have to know that I cheated, does he?

Clone:  Oh yes I do!

Muse:  What?  Who said that?

Clone:  I did.  I’ll be watching you shovel every bit of snow so you won’t cheat.

Muse:  Fine.  Fair enough!  *sigh* I’m going to hate tomorrow….