Me & My Muse – Day 141: eBooks Aren’t Easy

For a novice like me,  I can say this with absolute confidence.  eBooks are not easy to make at all.

So what have I been doing today?  The following picture will give you a clue.

Me & My Muse - FINAL

If you were able to read anything in the picture above, yes.  I am putting together an eBook of my first 100 Me & My Muse entries.

For this edition, I will include a preface explaining how I came up with the concept and how I developed this concept over time.

Having never done this before, I have to say that the formatting is HARD.  For instance, I want certain pages to be blank and not have any headings at all.  To do this, I need to create a section break and remove the “link to previous” option.  If I don’t do this, all headings linked in the previous section will be deleted.  With the section unlinked, each section is independent, and my page numbers can use roman numerals for the front matter and Arabic numerals for the body.

Overall, the eBook is mostly done.  The hardest part will be getting an ISBN number, since those things are so dang expensive.


Muse:  You still don’t believe me?  Well I have proof of that wretched clone!  It’s right here!

A picture of your room.  I don’t see anyone in the shot.

Muse:  WHAT?!  I just took that picture, and she WAS in that shot!  I glanced at it several times just to make sure!

*sigh*  This is getting old.  If you want attention, all you have to do is let me know…..

Muse:  THIS IS NOT A CRY FOR ATTENTION!  You think I’m crazy.  You think I’m out of my mind!  Well let me tell you.  I’m not!  And I have some more proof!

Can this wait?

Muse:  Just watch this video!  I secretly recorded this without her knowing!

What am I supposed to see?  I don’t see anything.

Muse:  NO!  The footage is supposed to show her ridiculing me and laughing!  I recorded it and rewatched it….


Muse:  But she’s been….

Who?  A figment of your imagination?  You have gone off the deep end.  That’s it.  Tomorrow, you are getting medicated.  I will talk to Remedy and he will prescribe you with something to make you feel better.

Muse:  But I’m not crazy!  That stupid girl has kept me up all night!  I am so tired, and….

You’re an Intangible!  You don’t need rest!

Muse:  But I like your rules! I wish you could believe me…. *sob*

I wish that you would stop acting crazy.

Muse: I’M NOT CRAZY!  You are, for not believing me!  Back to the torture chamber…..*sniff*  My room…..*sob*  uaaaaaaahhh huh huh huh huhh……


*sigh*  I hate to medicate her, but it must be done, if she is going to act like this.  I’ll talk to Remedy tonight.  Tomorrow, she will be medicated.

Anyway, getting back to the subject of eBooks,  the one I’m working on is nearly finished.  It took me a while just to get everything transferred to Word!  For my next project, I will be making an eBook containing the first 100 Think & Writes.

If anyone can help me with the eBooks, please let me know.  I want to try to get these published….

Today’s high is going to be 33 degrees and the silver lining is getting progress done on the eBook.

To all of you who like to read, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  *sob* Why….Why are you doing this to me?!

Dark Muse:  Why not?  This game is so much fun!  He’ll never believe you so I’ll keep playing this game again and again and again and again and again!!  Tee hee hee hee hee!!!