Me & My Muse – Bonus 5: Facing the Nightmare

Well, it’s official.  My Muse is getting medicated.  Right now, I’m meeting with Remedy to prepare a prescription for her.

I will now enter the Realm of Imagination….

There.  I see Remedy just ahead.  Right on Schedule.

Remedy:  Acting crazy, isn’t she?  I didn’t believe you until I saw it myself.  She told me that the “Dark Muse” is back.  When I looked around, she wasn’t anywhere to be found.  Don’t worry.  I have something prepared that will make her feel better.

Good.  I need her to stop with these delusions.  Now I know that she’s been through a lot with the bad idea infecting her over a month ago.  But this behavior needs to end.

Remedy:  Let’s go see her.

Wait.  I want to talk to her first.  I want to see if she’s still acting crazy.  Then we can medicate her.

Remedy: I’ll wait over here.

Now I’ll enter my Muse’s house, and….

*quietly enters door and approaches  it*

Muse:  STOP IT!!!

(whispering)  Do I need anymore evidence?  She just proved….

Dark Muse:  Tee hee hee hee!  I love this game!  Kyle doesn’t believe a word you tell him!  I can do whatever I want to you and it doesn’t matter!  He thinks you’re crazy.  And with the medicine he gives you, you’ll forget the whole thing ever happened!  Don’t you just love this?

*swings door open, causing it to slam against the wall*

Yeah.  I love that very much.  You lay a finger on her again and you’re history!

Dark Muse:  WHAT?  When did you…..

Muse:  Kyle…..

I heard the whole thing.  Who do you think you are, tormenting my poor Muse like that?  You led me to believe that she was crazy.  Now I know who really is.  You are a very mean and bad little girl!

Dark Muse:  Says you!  I’m as good as gold!  Tee hee!

Is teasing my Muse to the point of tears as good as gold?  Is keeping her up all night as good as gold?  I don’t know how you managed to survive being deleted.  You torment my Muse one more time and you’re going to get it.

Dark Muse:  Oooh!  What are you going to do about it?


Remedy:  Are we going to give the Muse some medicine?

Yes we are, but not this Muse.  We’re going to…where is she?

Remedy:  Oh, and you can come out, you dark brat.  I heard the whole thing.

Dark Muse:  Fine!  Gonna give me some medicine?  Can’t do it if you can’t catch me!

Remedy:  Don’t need to.  This medicine is magically administered to whoever I decide.

Dark Muse:  Ahhhhhhh!!!  So calm…..What was I doing here again?

You were getting as far away from this place as possible.  I think that’s what it was.

Dark Muse:  Oh.  You’re right!  See you later!

Nice job, Remedy!  What did you put in that?

Remedy:  Several mood stabilizers and a couple anti-depressants.  One of the major side-effects is memory loss, so the person taking it is more at ease.  I was going to administer it to your Muse, but I’m glad that it saw a better use.

Muse:  Kyle!  Thank you very much!  Just answer me this one question:  WHY DIDN’T YOU BELIEVE ME?  I WOULD NEVER LIE TO YOU!  EVER!

I am extremely sorry.  I will never doubt you again, no matter what happens.

Muse:  Good.  I’m just glad that she’s gone.  I hope she’s gone for a while.

Remedy:  Don’t worry.  If she comes back, I’ll give her some more medicine.  And I’ll make it extra strength this time!

Muse:  Well, it’s getting late and I’m extremely tired.  Good night…. *snore*

She didn’t even fall asleep in her bed!

Remedy:  It’s okay.  She used to do this all the time as a kid.

She did?

Remedy:  Oh yeah.  Nurture wasn’t the only one that watched her.  I’ll tuck her in.  Thanks for clearing this whole thing up.

You’re welcome.  Good night!

There.  I’m awake now.  I’m so glad my Muse is well.  But that means there really is a Dark Muse.  Judging from that bad idea, I’m guessing that she cloned my Muse while she was still in her body.

Anyway, that solves this mystery for tonight.

Good night, everyone!