Me & My Muse – Day 102: Blown Away

With today’s entry, I might cut it a little short, since I have some leaves to blow in the backyard….


Muse:  You can’t be serious.  I’m halfway finished with my first cup of coffee!

Coffee?  You drink coffee?

Muse:  Yes.  Coffee IS for Muses after all.  Just not for Muses possessed by malignant ideas….This one’s a mocha espresso, since I need the energy this morning.

What happened?

Muse:  I stayed up late last night.  I had to finish Wishing for Roses.  It was THAT good.

About the writing.  I DID write something yesterday so leave me alone about that.

Muse:  I see that.  On the verge of finishing that chapter for your A Long Quest Rewrite.  And you don’t need to have that attitude.  I just think that if you consider yourself a writer, you should play the part.

Yes.  I totally agree with that.  It’s just that I do my best work when I’m not nagged.

Muse.  But if I didn’t remind you, there would’ve been no writing.  I call it accountability.

Speaking of that, there’s some work I need to get done outside.  Since it’s not raining, I think that I should get started….

Muse:  Not so fast.  Let me finish my cup of coffee first. *sip*

You just barely sipped it.  How long are you going to stretch this out?

Muse: *sip*  As long as I need to.

I know what you want.  More time with me, right?

Muse:  Bingo.  How did you guess?

Let’s just say I’m a good guesser.

Muse:  That was hardly a guess.  That response was based off of how well you know me.

So you finished another one of your books last night.  What does that put you at now?

Muse: *sip*  That puts me at six books, and you at zero.

Way to rub it in.

Muse:  Well, what else can I say?  You never read!  Maybe I should keep track of how many days you don’t read.

Well, I read The Postmortal.

Muse:  Yeah.  A few months ago!  *sip*

That coffee still looks half gone.  Just how small are you going to make those sips?

Muse:  For that, I’m going to make them even smaller.  *sip*

What else do you want to talk about?  I have a yard of leaves to blow and all you can do is sit there and sip that cup of coffee!

Muse:  *sip*  You’re right.  This cup is starting to get cold….So, are you going to do any more reading?

Yes.  When you stop bugging me about it….

Muse:  Okay….*sip*  *siiiiiiip*  You know, I don’t mind cold coffee….

Fine!  I’ll start reading again!  Maybe a few pages today.

Muse: *sip*

Okay!  A chapter!  Are you happy?

Muse: That’s what I wanted to hear.  *gulp*  Time for another cup.  I don’t want to keep you from your yard duty or getting any more writing done today.  Remember.  One chapter of the Silmarillion.  Trust me.  It’s a good read once you get into it.

It can be hard, considering how immersive Tolkien’s world is.

Muse:  Just give it a little time.  We can have a discussion about the chapter that you read when you’re done.

Work comes first.

Muse:   Indeed.  Time for cup #2 of my mocha espresso!


Yup.  She’s the same Muse as before, and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.  And I don’t blame her for her wanting me to write and read more.  She’s doing this for her own health, as well as mine.

Well, I have some leaves to blow in the backyard, so that needs to get done before I read or write.

Today’s high is going to be 58 degrees and the silver lining will be getting paid today.

To all of you who have ever done yard work before, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  *sip*  Am I being too controlling?  Nah!