Me & My Muse – Day 83: The Headache Worsens

Argh….I am locked in my Muse’s arms as I’m typing this.  With it being so early in the morning.  She is still sleeping.  She is not awake yet.  Yesterday was traumatic.  I have been missing the past couple days of work because my Muse has been playing with me and would not let me go.  Last night, she wanted a “stuffed animal”  again.  Who did she choose?  Me, of course….


Muse:  *snore*  Love my stuffed Kyle…..tee hee……  *snore*

With her sleeping like this, and me unable to leave, leaving an entry like this is real difficult to do….

Muse:  *yawn*  Stay still….stop squirming….. *snore*

You see?  She doesn’t understand.  I’m a toy to her.  A very lifelike toy.  What’s worse is that I can’t fall asleep and enter the Dream Realm of Imagination like this….

Muse:  *snore*  Get away….Stop chasing me…..ahhhhhhhhhhhh…….

And now she’s….Oh no….not again….

Muse:  Waaaaaah!  Kyle!  I had an accident!

*sigh*  Let me guess.  Another nightmare?

Muse:  Yes.  Can you change my jammies? They’re all wet.

Here.  Let me handle this.  It’s a good thing that I have these giant gloves….

Muse:  I want some more milk!

I think you’ve had enough.  Do you want another accident?  Speaking of accidents, why do you keep having them?  I put that nighttime underwear on you and it doesn’t prevent a single accident!

Muse:  That’s because I’m a Muse!  Tee hee!  Intangible abilities!  Remember?

*sigh*  I know.  And that gives you unlimited bladder capacity.  But unfortunately, I can’t say the same for continence.  Here.  You’re all changed.  Don’t have another accident.

Muse:  I won’t, if I stop having nightmares.  With my stuffed Kyle, I won’t.  Tee hee!  Back to sleep….tee hee…..  *snore*


There.  She’s asleep again.  How does she fall asleep so fast?  Intangible, I guess.

Now to break free.  Urgh!!!  There.  And it looks like I can wake up! The force field is gone….

Now I’m finally awake!  Without my Muse!  Maybe I can go to work today!

Today’s high is going to be 69 degrees and the silver lining will be finishing my five day streak of work.

To those of you who have to deal with headaches, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Bad Idea:  Wasn’t that game fun?

Muse:  Yeah mommy!  I loved the stuffed Kyle game!  I wanna play another game!

Bad Idea:  Don’t worry, my sweet little Musiekins!  Mommy’s got plenty of games for you to play.  Since you’ve been such a good girl, mommy’s going to reward you.  Here it gooooes….!

Muse:  Whee!  This is fun!  Whee hee hee!  Tee hee hee ha ha!

One thought on “Me & My Muse – Day 83: The Headache Worsens

  1. Whee! I can feel the energy flowing inside of me! Tomorrow’s game is going to be so much fun! Mommy says that the energy has to be in me for a day before it happens. Whee! Flash! Flash! Flash! I’m brighter than a nightlight! Tee hee!