Me & My Muse – Day 82: A Giant Headache

I need another dose of extra-strength aspirin, because my night was very annoying and painful last night.

For starters, I accidentally fell asleep in the Realm of Imagination.  Big mistake.  In the middle of the night,  my giant Muse wanted a stuffed toy to cuddle with.  Even though I wasn’t a stuffed toy, she grabbed me anyway and I was taken inside her gigantic house.

At her size, I could easily escape.  In fact, I was about to wake up, when she entrapped me in a force field.  As long as the force field was up, I could not leave the Realm of imagination.

As she lied down, I figured I could hide from her while she was sleeping.  As big as she was, any one of her fingers could crush me while I was sleeping.  But then, she shrunk down.  She wanted to be big enough to hold me like a stuffed animal.  So the nearly 16 foot tall Muse got inside her still gigantic bed and crawled underneath the gigantic covers.  Why didn’t she shrink down the bed, which was about 3 to 4 miles long?  I have no idea.  So that night, I remained there, locked tight in her grip.  I was not a person to her.  Just another one of her stuffed animals.

Desperate to change her back, I used all the remaining cures on her.  Hopefully, these will work, right?

That morning, she had her usual accident.  But it was on the gigantic bed, so it didn’t make much of a mess.  She was still five years old, so it seemed that the cures had no affect at all.  The force field was gone so I left as quick as I could.

And that was ONLY last night.  If I were to recall anything that happened yesterday, I would lose my mind.  After her nap, I was her toy the rest of the day.  A joy and a delight to a five-year old girl, but complete TORTURE to someone like me!

She is taking her nap right now, so this is my brief period of peace….What is this….Suddenly, I feel tired….  *snore*

What?  The Realm of Imagination again?


Muse:  There you are….I can’t sleep without my stuffed Kyle….tee hee….

It seems like she’s half asleep.  Did she make me tired?

Muse:  Stuffed Kyle….tee hee….I grab you….take my nap now….*yawn*

Argh….!  Can’t break free!  And the force field’s back!  I can’t leave the realm either!

Muse:  *snore*  We take shortcut by teleporting….tee hee….There….so….tired…..*yawn*  *snore*

Argh!  Can’t break free from her grip!

Oh well.  I guess I’ll finish my entry HERE!

Today’s high is going to be 79 degrees and the silver lining is still being alive after being squeezed tightly by a 16 foot tall Muse.

To those of you who hate being held by a giant against your will, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Play….Kyle Ken after nap….tee hee…. *snore*

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