Me & My Muse – Day 77: Fall Duties….

How can I summarize today?  I did some work for my grandparents, mowing the lawn and spreading some mulch over the side area of their house where they had nothing growing.

After that, I came home and took it easy.  When my sister came back from her appointment, she gave me some useful advise about my resume.  I got all the information that I could from her and I’m going to make a new one tomorrow.

Today’s high is….


Muse:  Wait a second!  So you’re going to end it after that?

Why not?  It’s too late in the day to execute Plan A, so this is Plan B.

Muse:  What was Plan A?  Tee hee!

You’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.

Muse:  That’s if you can do it.  So how do you do it?  I was only able to make one blog….

It’s pretty easy.  And it should also be easy for a creative type like you.

Muse:  I channel the creativity!  I don’t actually have it myself!  The ideas are inside me.  Can you do Intangible things?

Of course not!

Muse:  That’s because your body is full of organs.  Mine is full of ideas!  A whole world of them!  Tee hee!

I know that.  The only thing that I don’t know about you is that foreign idea that has been infecting you.  What is your “mommy’s” true form?  I’m actually surprised that you wrote your own entry, but I want to know.

Muse:  No!  Mommy told me not to tell!

*sigh*  She is not your mommy!  She is a renegade idea that has infected you from the inside out.  And since then, I have not been able to see the Muse that I know and love.

Muse:  Infected?  Mommy is not a flu bug!

She is, and you’re becoming more and more like her.  Is this the kind of idea that you consumed?  One of a five-year old girl?

Muse:  Mommy told me not to tell you that either! Tee hee!

“Mommy” doesn’t want me to know the truth about what happened.  I have a theory, but I will need to go inside you so see if I’m right.

Muse:  No!  Mommy locked the door so you can’t enter me!

Oh, but I can if I find the key!  And it might not be a literal key, but a different one that I’ll have to find….

Muse:  You’ll never find it!  Mommy says….

Enough with all the “mommy” nonsense!  Your “mommy” is just a little girl playing Pretend.  That’s what little girls do.  Ever heard of the game “House”?

Muse:  Nope! Tee hee!

Lies!  You’ve been in my head as long as I’ve been alive.  You just forgot!  Anyway, Miss Bad Idea Girl is pretending to be a mom, and she doesn’t know the first thing about it.  She only knows the things that she likes to do, and is not responsible like a real mom.

Muse:  Yes she is!  You’re just jealous!

Watches shows that are for little girls!  Takes naps!  Mommies don’t do this!  Five-year olds do!

Muse:  And that’s what makes my mommy special.  Tee hee!

Okay.  I’m not going to argue with you anymore.  She has you by the strings, and she is not letting you go.

Muse:  I don’t want her to!  I love my mommy….

Somewhere, deep down inside, I know you’re still there, my Muse.  I’m going to find that key and enter your head.  That bad girl idea will be dealt with and she will be gone.  If you can hear this, just know.  I am not giving up.

Muse:  Your Muse is gone.  Tee hee!  And she is not coming back….

Then who are you?  You have the body of my Muse….

Muse:  I’m a diff….wait!  Mommy just told me not to tell you that either!

You’re a different “something”.  A different part?  I’ll figure that out, too.

Muse;  Are you done!  I’m hungry!  I want some more yummy ideas!

Go on, and eat those oddly suspicious ideas….

Muse:  I will, because they’re good!  Tee hee….


Miss bad girl idea needs to be stopped.  Perhaps Remedy could help me find out where the key is.  For now, I’m going to try to find another way inside her.  That is, if I can even fall asleep a second time.  Getting to the Realm of Imagination is easy, but having a dream in that realm is even harder.  The moment I end up in the Dream Realm of Imagination, I wake up.  I’ll figure it out sooner or later.  My good old Muse needs to come back, and I’ll make sure that happens.

Now to end this, finally.  Today’s high is going to be 64 degrees.  The silver lining was getting help on my resume from my sister.

To all of you who have fall errands to run,  I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  No.  I didn’t tell him that!  That I’m the new Muse and I’m slowly draining the real Muse’s energy.  The more alive I become, the more dead she becomes!  It’s only a matter of time before the real Muse is gone forever! Tee hee hee hee hee hee!!!

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