Me & My Muse – Bonus 1: A Hopeless Search

If you are reading this,  then you are mostly likely reading one of my recorded attempts at searching for the old neighbors of the Muse.  It’s Friday, September 13, and it’s almost midnight.

I am now entering the Realm of Imagination, showing you what I usually experience all the time.  A hopeless search with no results.

I don’t even know why I’m showing you this, since you probably won’t find it interesting at all.  I’m now there, aimlessly searching for something that I will never find.

Now the Old Man gave me a clue about their whereabouts.  Now where does that clue lead?  NOWHERE!  Don’t believe me?  I’ll show you!  Well, you can’t see what I’m seeing so I’ll just tell you.

I am now in the spot where the Old Man told me to go.  There is an abandoned house where a neighbor supposedly used to live, but no one’s there now.


Darkness:  What are you doing?

Look.  I don’t want any trouble.  I’m just looking for an old neighbor.

Darkness:  Trouble?  I don’t cause trouble.  I just darken everyone’s horizons.  Now did you say neighbor?  That guy has moved away from his house for at least a week now!

A week?  That’s all I needed to know!  Thanks!

You see?  Just a bunch of dead ends like that.  No results.  Just hopeless searching….

Wait!  I found something in that abandoned house!  It’s like some kind of flyer!


Join us for happy hour at the Pleasure Tavern!  Drinks are half off and the entertainment is free!  Come in after ten!  Don’t be late!

Pleasure Tavern?  Maybe I’ll find my answers there!  All I gotta do now is….

Dang it!  I woke up!  I guess I’ll continue tomorrow….

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