Me & My Muse – Day 62: Back to Reality

First of all, I would like to clarify the title of yesterday’s entry.  The day number should read 61, not 23.  This was clearly the doing of my Muse, who doesn’t have any memory of what happened from Days 23-60.

Now about yesterday….It was total hell.  When I woke up, I was a Muse.  Being Intangible, I was a male Muse, instead of a female one.  Muses don’t have genders, so my gender reflected who I was physically.

Did I want to be a Muse?  No.  It just happened unexpectedly, in the middle of the night.  I suddenly woke up and I was in her room.  All the senses that I was used to were dulled, since imaginary things don’t have the same kind of senses that we do.  Right away, I knew that something was wrong.  I knew that this was my Muse’s doing, and I wanted to know what was going on.

To summarize yesterday, not much happened.  I was completely miserable and was unable to raise any of the ideas she was able to raise with ease.  When I came out of her head, I was ridiculed over and over again for being a “Stupid Muse”.  I understood what she was doing, when I realized how far back the cure set her memories.  She was determined to get her revenge on me.  Something that I deserved, and she was successful in doing this.

But as a price of her revenge, I was miserable all day.  After going back into her head, I was hungry.   No amount of food could satisfy my hunger, so it had to be ideas.  The problem was that I couldn’t raise any ideas.  My Muse told me that I had to “keep them happy” but how do you do that?  She never explained that to me.

So I groaned in hunger all day long.  I wandered around outside, trying to find some Intangibles to talk to.  I didn’t know them and they didn’t know me.

Being unsuccessful, I went back inside and spent the rest of my time, trying to make the ideas grow.  They would not grow, since I didn’t know how to “keep them happy”.  Finally, when it was late at night, my Muse visited me in my modified body and told me how to “keep them happy”.  What she told me worked.  The ideas grew and I was able to eat a few, satisfying my hunger at last.  I plopped myself into her bed and fell asleep.  My miserable day as a Muse was finally over.

There is, however, one positive thing to be gained in all of this.  During a couple instances, I heard a voice.  Actually, it was just one instance, not two.  When it spoke to me, I responded.  After that, it apologized and left me alone, like I was the wrong person.  Could this be the voice that speaks to my Muse?  This could be the key to unlocking what’s wrong with her!  I didn’t get much from the voice.  All it said to me was something about a plan and if I was ready for it.  After I asked about the plan, it realized that I was the wrong person.  It apologized and left me alone.

Now that I’m back in reality again, I appreciate things a lot more.  But there is one thing that I discovered that made me quite angry.  When my Muse was using my body yesterday, she went to Burger King.  How did I know?  She left two receipts on the floor in my bedroom.  She ordered a Double Whopper with cheese, an order of large fries with two barbeque dipping sauces and a Hershey Sundae Pie.  Altogether, that’s 1880 calories.  What is she trying to do, kill me?  Anyway, she is going to pay for making me eat that calorie-laden filth.


Muse:  *sigh*  It’s back to the boring body again….

You!  What’s with ordering the artery clogging Burger King?  I would’ve NEVER ordered a Double Whopper with cheese, a large fry and a Hershey Sundae Pie.

Muse:  But you did.  Tee hee!  And it was yummy!  I enjoyed every moment of it!

But my body didn’t.  What are you trying to do?  Make my body gain a bunch of weight?

Muse: You deserved it!  You were mean to me so I decided to be mean to your body!  I was going to make it a Triple Whopper with cheese, so you should be grateful that I didn’t!

How do you think that I’m going to treat you in return?  Hatred breeds hatred.  If you’re just going to be mean, I’ll be mean back!

Muse:  But you were mean to me so many times!  That was revenge for every single one of those times!  So keep up the meanness and you’ll be in my body for another day.  Actually, I wouldn’t mind being a human for another day.  It was so much fun.  Tee hee!

But I would.  Let’s just call a truce.  Neither us are mean to each other.  Besides, I know that not everything is your fault.  There is some influence behind it….

Muse:  Influence?  I can’t think of any influences!  Everything that I do is my own decision!

What about that voice?

Muse:  Voice?  Oh, that!  I just started hearing it so I don’t know much about it.  Tee hee!

Don’t listen to that voice, whatever you do.  I think that it’s the reason for all of your problems.

Muse:  It depends on what the voice tells me!  If its good stuff, I will listen to it!

It doesn’t sound like it to me.  Just ignore it….

Muse:  I’m not ignoring it!  I need to hear what it says first!  Then I’ll decide!

*sigh* Fine.  But ignore it afterwards, alright?  I’m serious.  I have a bad feeling about that voice….

Muse:  Alright! Anyway!  Something funny happened yesterday.  At your work, someone wanted two Mooses drawn on their medium boxes.  So the bald guy drew a moose and this women in glasses drew the other one!

Oh, them?  I won’t mention their names here, but I imagine it was pretty funny.

Muse:  It was!  It was so funny!  Tee hee!  Now I’m hungry so I’m having my lunch!  See you later!  Bye!


There.  Her revenge is done and all arguments are settled.  I’ll try to be more nice to her, since I know that not everything is her fault.  In the meantime, I’ll try to find more leads about the whereabouts of her old neighbors.  They would know my Muse the most, and might be able to help solve this problem going on with her.

Well, my Muse worked one of my shifts yesterday so that’s one less shift to worry about.  I still have today’s and tomorrow’s before I’m home free.  Today’s high is going to be a very cold 69 degrees and the silver lining will be working more on the Zorpozian language.  I will tweet if I make more progress on it, so look for that.

To all of you who love reality like I do, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  That voice just spoke to me again!  She said that she was a good voice!  Should I listen to her!  I’ll think about it.  Tee hee….

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