Me & My Muse – Day 13: Out of Luck

Being totally aware with what number I’m on, I’ll try to be careful with today.  Surely, nothing will go wrong, right?


Muse:  I found a kitty!

Um…That’s a black cat.

Muse:   I know.  Isn’t he cute?  He just started following me this morning.  I’ll call him Lucky!

How ironic….

Muse:  Ironic?  Why is he ironic?

Naming a black cat Lucky?  Black cats are bad luck, you know….

Muse:  They are?  Well, I’m still keeping him! Speaking of luck, I broke my mirror this morning.  Now I’ll have to get a new one!

Since when do Muses need mirrors?  Muses don’t have reflections!

Muse:  Well, I’m a special Muse because this morning, I saw my reflection!  So NYAH!

Anyway, breaking a mirror is bad luck….

Muse:  Says who?  Also this morning, I found a ladder!  I set it up and started running under it over and over again!  You should try it!  It’s fun!  Tee hee!

That too, is very unlucky.

Muse:  Unlucky?  It’s FUN!  You should try it!  Also, when I was having breakfast this morning, I spilled a bunch of salt on the table, and I had to clean it up….hey! Why are you backing away from me?

You are unlucky!  Stay away from me!

Muse:  I don’t feel unlucky! WHOA!  EEEEP!  I just tripped and fell!  Sorry about that.  I’ve been tripping a lot this morning.  I tripped on a bar of soap when I was taking my shower, and I fell….hey! Come back!

No.  I need to make you lucky again.  I can’t let you enter my head until we reverse your bad luck….

Muse:  I am NOT unlucky!  And I’ll prove it with a game of tag!  You’re it!

AHHH!  You touched me!  Now I have your bad luck!

Muse:  Now you are just being silly.  I feel like the luckiest Muse in the world! WHOOOOOA!  I gotta stop falling like that!

I need to find something lucky.  Something to undo this bad luck….

Muse:  While you’re doing that, I’m going to look at myself with this pocket mirror.  Hee!  I look so beautiful….Oops.   I broke the mirror….

You broke another mirror!  You are bad luck central!

Muse:  Another thing.  It was raining earlier, so I still have my umbrella….

Get that thing out of the house, and whatever you do, don’t open it!


You see?  You just got struck by lightning.  Will you listen now?

Muse:  Oh.  That didn’t hurt!  I’m a Muse, so it shouldn’t really phase me….

What about the “Tangible” rules?

Muse:  Whatever!  If I used your rules, I would be dead right now, okay?

Now you need to stay away from me and remain still while I find a good luck charm….

Muse:  Forget that!  I’m returning to your head….

Don’t go inside!

Muse:  It’s starting to get boring.  I am, and you can’t stop me! Ha ha!

Why can’t I find any good luck charms?

Muse:  Here I go!  Wheeeee!


NO!  Don’t! AHHHHHH!

Well, she’s in my head, so now I have all of her bad luck.  So everyone, if I experience anything unfortunate today, that’s why.  Today will be another great day, aside from me having to work….

Black cat: Meow!

Where did that cat come from?  Did she forget “Lucky”?

Anyway, today’s silver lining will be more progress on editing my story, like usual.

Having that said, I hope you all have a good daaaaaaaaay!  Oof!

Sorry about that.  I fell.


Muse:  I came back for Lucky.  And by the way, there are a whole bunch of black cats in my house now!  Better get some more cat food!  Tee hee!

I have a BAD feeling about this….

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