Me & My Muse – Day 12: Miss Obvious

This day, so far, is off to a very nice start.  I have the whole day off.  so I can relax for once.

To recap, I had some McDonald’s for breakfast.  Besides that, I have just been taking a breather.

What to do today?  I will most certainly continue on editing my story, that’s for sure.  To make this day perfect, the sun is shining…..


Muse:  And once again,  you’re leaving one of these things.

Before I even do anything else, I should get cleaned up for a start….

Muse:  And you’re ignoring me again!  Hello!  You do hear me, right?

Yes.  I am ignoring you on purpose.

Muse:  Well, I’m interrupting you on purpose!  Have you ever taken into account who actually reads this?  No one does!

After I get cleaned up, I’ll have some lunch.  Some of the leftover Chinese….

Muse:  And there’s zero comments on your journal.

The Chinese is almost gone, so lunch will have to be different tomorrow…..

Muse:  And did I mention that you are still in your pajamas?

Dinner will be a different matter….

Muse:  And that you are always rude and disrespectful to me.

But I’ll think of something….

Muse:  You are stupid and a meanie and you could never do anything without me!

Don’t you worry….

Muse:  And there’s STILL no comments on this stupid journal of yours!

ENOUGH!  I am aware of everything that you’re telling me, Miss Obvious.  Yes, nobody reads this (but I’m probably wrong)!  Yes, there are no comments for this new project yet!  Yes, I’m still in my pajamas.  And yes, I have been rude and disrespectful to you at times, but only because you have been annoying me.

Now if we want to play the Obvious Game, I can nail you.  Who continually refuses to take their medication and has finally taken it today?  Who soaked their clothes after passing out from an overdose of coffee?  Or can you tell me who got a really bad sunburn, hmm?  And, who still sleeps with a night light?

Muse:  Stop!  You’re making me cry!  And I….I don’t sleep….with a night light….

Do you want me to show them?

Muse:  How would they see it, anyway?

I could always do this…..

Muse:  NO!  You didn’t just….Take it down, NOW!

But you NEED your night light!  You’re afraid of the dark, remember?

Muse:  You’re a meanie-face!

Now, do adults call people names?

Muse:  What about Miss Obvious, “adult”?

I’m just calling you who you are.  My Muse, always pointing out the obvious….

Muse:  But that’s name-calling, too!  Or do you have the privilege because you’re a “Tangible”….

Well, speak for yourself, Miss Tangible Wannabe!  Muses don’t have the same physical properties as humans, so our rules don’t apply to something Intangible.  Yet you somehow seem to undermine that, anyway….

Muse:  Who says that the rules don’t apply to me?  Maybe they could!

Well in that case, we’ll talk about your night light again.  I mean, you do want to play by our rules, right?  And everyone.  She really DOES sleep with that night light.  That same light, right there.  I mean, she has a screaming fit when I forget to turn it on!

Muse:  N-n-no I don’t!  S-stop!

Then why are you denying it and telling me to stop?  Yes folks.  She cowers in fear if that light is off.

Muse:  STOP IT!

Oh, and when she’s really afraid, she wets the bed.  She still does this a lot, so I have her on the rubber sheets, and she still sleeps in a d….



I guess she doesn’t like the Obvious Game, does she?  Well, I tried to tell her.  Things would be easier if she didn’t adopt our rules.  Especially the rules that embarrass her….

Still being obvious, I guess we humiliated her with the harsh truth, and I gave away far too much information, with bathroom humor that not everyone can seem to stand.

Well, I did succeed in writing a entertaining piece using my source of creativity that I repeatedly try to add depth and dimension to.

Well, it’s finally going to be a little cooler today.  Today’s silver lining is having the day off and getting more editing done on my story.

Having that said, I hope you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  To be obvious, my character is your creation and you gave me those desires and characteristics solely to humiliate me, provide comic relief and for them to have me serve as a target for insults so that you can laugh at my over the top antics at my expense.

And now, this is the end of the post!

2 thoughts on “Me & My Muse – Day 12: Miss Obvious

  1. Don’t go dissing my night light! It’s the best night light in the world!

    As for those other details, yes. They’re all true. Especially the one that I interrupted you on. But it’s only at night, okay?

    Embarrassing myself is fun! Tee hee…