Think & Write #128

December Resolutions

Jodie looked at her self in the mirror.  When she did this, she did not like what she saw.

“Ew….” she told herself.  “I look like a whale.  I gotta stop playing those video games….”

“What’s wrong?” a man asked her.

“I’ll tell you, Jack.” Jodie told him.  She pointed her directly at her belly.  “It’s this.”

Jack nodded, and then looked at his belly.  “Yeah.  I’m kind of chunky myself.  We need to stop all those late night dungeon raids and eating all that junk food. ”

Jodie looked at the calendar and sighed.  “I need to do something about this weight, now!  Forget about New Year’s resolutions.  I’m starting them early!”

“Let’s do it together!” Jack suggested.  “We can both lose the weight together, and we can both have amazingly fit bodies.”

And that is just what they did.  After both of their jobs ended for the day, they bought work out clothes and some weights.

When they got home, both of them put on jogging pants.  Jodie then put on a sweatband.  She then went straight to the computer.  “Let’s look up a workout video!”

Jack nodded.  “Look for a beginner’s one.  We don’t want to ruin our muscles.”

Jodie searched and found a video.  She then began playing it.  Both her and Jack followed the workout.

After the workout ended, both of them gasped for air.  Although it was exhausting, they were both satisfied.

“Let’s do this everyday!” Jodie suggested, as she held her water bottle.

Jack nodded.  “Sure.  But let’s at least try to squeeze in a raid every weekend, okay?”

Jodie agreed.  “Of course.  I want to get my shadow elf up to level 99 eventually.”

“And let’s not forget my mythril knight!” he told her.  “We’ll do this workout tomorrow.  Let’s try to make it everyday.”

Jodie nodded.  At this, they both kissed.  It was official.  For Jodie and Jack, the New Year’s Resolutions started a month early.


©2012  K. L. Walker