Think & Write #127

Let it Snow

This season hasn’t been a good one for snow.  Not yet, at least.  Why, you ask?  Because I’m actually going to make it happen.  In my area, I’m actually going to make it snow.

Everyone in my town thinks I’m crazy.  They say that I have a lot of crazy ideas.  Why, they’ll have the last laugh when they look outside and see snow on the ground.

I have it all planned.  I will get inside an airplane, loaded with over 100 tons of dry ice.  All of this ice will be dumped into the clouds.  When the clouds cool, it will begin snowing.

Then, we will see who will laugh at me.  Everyone in the town of Milton will experience snow.  If you don’t live in Milton, I’m sorry.  I can’t make it snow everywhere, but I can make it snow in my hometown.

Everyone has been telling me that I can’t make it snow.  Starting tomorrow night, we’ll see about that.  I will personally laugh in the face of every single person who has doubted me.  All of the locals, including the town mayor.  All of them will regret the day that they laughed at Stewart McFarley: the one man who could make it snow.


©2012  K. L. Walker

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