Think & Write #117

The Battle with Stress

70 hours.  That’s how many hours I worked last week.  That’s mostly work, and barely enough time to sleep.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy my new job as executive.  The promotion was actually kind of nice.  The problem, however, comes from all the stress.

How do I deal with this everyday?  The one way I do this is by taking some extra strength aspirin.  I keep a huge container of them in my office.  I’ve been taking them ever since I’ve been getting these crazy migraines.

Another way that I deal with stress is with a stress ball.  I keep it on my desk near my computer and I squeeze it whenever I am having a breakdown.  It usually helps with all the stress.

People have been telling me “Hey Steve! Take it easy!” What do I say back to them?  “I’m trying.” And then I add something, like “Try working as an executive for Miller & Silverstein and then get back to me on it.”

One coworker mentions that they deal with stress by praying.  That’s nice.  Pray to who?  They told me that they pray to God, and that they read their Bible.  Being the kind of guy that will try everything, I gave it a try.  And you know what?  It’s actually starting to help.  There’s this feeling inside of me that I have never felt before.  During lunch breaks, I have been talking to this coworker about this matter, since it is a totally new one to me. While I don’t get everything, I am beginning to understand the basics.  She is very nice, and is patient with all the questions I have for her.

So, how do I deal with stress?  For me, it’s aspirin, a stress ball and praying.  These three things (especially prayer), is how I survive the (sometimes) daily grind at Miller & Silverstein.


©2012  K. L. Walker