Think & Write #116

Midnight Shopping

Mick stood outside the River Valley Mall.  The time was 11:55 p.m.  Just five minutes before the mall opened.

To have the privilege of being in the front of the line, Mick has been camping in the parking lot in a tent since Monday.  Thanksgiving was done a little differently, since he wanted to keep his place in line.  After a quick drive to a nearby restaurant for their Thanksgiving buffet, he was all set for the sale.

Mick was not alone.  With him was his wife, Roxie.  Both of them were going to be the first people to enter Brookingdales.  At midnight, Brookingdales would open their doors for their big Black Friday sale.  For two hours, all clothing was 65% off.  In the first hour, all electronics were half off, and they were giving away a 50 inch television for  $1,000, with a free game system to go with that.

Looking around, Mick was in the perfect spot.  The parking lot was full, with people all over the mall starting to line up in anticipation of the mall opening.  Various other stores had sales, too.  But Brookingdales had the best sales.

It was now midnight.  Mick and Roxie entered, full of energy and excitement.  They would be the first to buy that TV, as well as all the other clothing that Roxie wanted.

The crowd became a stampede of people .  It is official.  Black Friday has begun.  The first official day of shopping and the busiest shopping day of the year….


©2012  K. L. Walker