Think & Write #61


Kendra woke up, bound and gagged.  She could hear the sound of the waves.  The sound of a boat rocking and seagulls.  She could smell the sea.

When Kendra tried to move, she found that she couldn’t.  She was in some bedroom, with a few chests, gold jewelry and gold coins scattered on the floor.

She gasped, and then heard a voice that sounded familiar.  “Aye!  The lass!  She has awoken!”

Another spoke.  “Should we tell the captain?”

Then the first spoke again.  “Aye!  Tell him!  I will see to the lass.”

Kendra was still taking in the atmosphere when the door burst open.  A scrawny pirate walked in, with crooked teeth, and one patch on his eyes.   He smelled really bad, like a rotting corpse.  When Kendra got wind of the odor, she groaned and held her nose.

The pirate undid the gag.  “Welcome aboard, me lass….”

Kendra shook her head.  “Impossible.  How did I end up here?”

The pirate smiled.  “Don’t know, lass.  All that I know is that ye be in the story now!  You’re in it, lass, and there’s no way out!”

Kendra was still in disbelief.  “But how?  The last thing I remembered was reading a bedtime story to my five-year old daughter.  You’re telling me that I’m in the story now?”

The pirate grinned.  “What part of that don’t ye understand?  It seems that there’s a little magic about this story that ye know nothing about.”

Kendra nodded.  “I guess so.  Now I need to find a way out….”

Kendra looked around.  She was tied up, and a smelly pirate was right next to her. With that, she had a strong feeling that she was going to be here for a while….


©2012  K. L. Walker