Think & Write #60

Shopping List

Ron woke up and opened his cupboard doors.  Empty.

In addition to this, he was running out of a lot of things.  The bathroom was almost out of soup.  Both on the sink and in the shower.  The shampoo was almost gone.  The fridge was almost empty.  It had just a little bit of milk remaining in the jug.  Such is the life of a single man living in a 1 bedroom apartment.

Fortunately, payday was today.  Ron had enough money to buy all his meals.  The only problem that he needed to solve was with all the supplies that he was running low on.

Ron looked at the clock.  8:04 in the morning.  A little less than an hour before work began.  With that, he made a quick list of everything he needed.  He started by writing down everything that he could think of off the top of his head.  He would add more to it later as he thought of new things.

After he did this, he took a quick shower, using what was left of the shampoo and the tiny stub of soap.

Ron left his apartment and drove off to work.

After work, he drove to the supermarket.  As he entered, he reached in his pocket.  The shopping list was not there.

With that, Ron went into a panic.  “Where is it?” He gasped.  “I knew I had it before I left!”

Ron tried to think of all the places he had the shopping list before he left.  Then it hit him.  The shopping list was sitting on the table!

Ron pounded his fist against the other one.  He couldn’t use that list now.  He had to make a new list from what he could remember.  With that, he racked his brain, trying to think of all the items that were on the previous list.  Shampoo, soap, milk, ramen noodles, butter, eggs and cereal.  That was all that Ron could remember.  If he forgot anything, he would have to come back for it.

With that, he grabbed a cart and began shopping, using the new list that he made….


©2012  K. L. Walker