Think & Write #58

Night of Pain

Alex was in complete pain.  The pain that he felt was coming from his teeth.

If this continued, he may not be able to go to work tomorrow.

Alex tried to think of falling asleep, but it was hard for him to relax.  All that lingered was the pain.  The pain that would not go away

After a couple hours, he considered going to the medical clinic.  Unfortunately, the clinic was not open until morning, so the only option that he had was the emergency room.

Alex could go here, but it would be a lot more expensive.  Thinking about it, he tried to decide whether he should wait for the clinic to open or just get it relieved.

In the end, the pain won.  Alex got in his car and drove to the emergency room.  He wasn’t in the mood to listen to music.  The only music in his mind was the music of pain.

When he entered, they checked him in and he was placed in an exam room. The doctor didn’t come right away.  More waiting  means more pain.  His tooth throbbed with pain.  Normally, he would go to the dentist, but his dentist is not open at 3 o’ clock in the morning.

After waiting what seemed like forever, a doctor entered and asked him some questions.  After that, he was prescribed some pain killers to take until he could get to his dentist.

Alex drove to the 24 hour pharmacy.  He was still in pain.  He had to fill the prescription and wait some more.  More waiting.  More pain.  Alex couldn’t stand it.

Finally, Alex got his medicine.  He went home and took it.  The sun was rising and the medicine was taking its time to set in.  Finally,  there was no more pain.  At that moment, Alex could only think of one word to describe his current feeling.



©2012  K. L. Walker