Think & Write #48

One of Them

I woke up and looked around.  I was in my master’s bed.  This was good!  I never felt this way before.

With that, I stood up and began to walk.  As I began doing this, I realized that this new form is going to take some getting used to.

I entered the room that my master called “the bathroom”.  Looking in the mirror, I realized that I looked a lot like my master.  I was one of them.  How does he deal with this form everyday?

Suddenly, I was overcome with the urge to pee.  Whenever the master did this, he ran into this room and closed the door.  A lot of times, he did it quickly.  Looking around, I tried to find where my master goes.

I then enter this smaller room with this round attachment thing.  There were two knobs and some bottles with different stuff inside.  Does my master use this room to groom himself?

After looking everywhere, I have concluded that my master doesn’t use a litter box.  With that, I took off my clothes and went in the grooming room.  This is where the master goes, right?

After that, I saw this big white thing with water inside.  It was like a chair.  I sat down in it, but I don’t know what use he has for it.  I never saw him use it before.

After using the grooming room, I put my clothes back on and I went around the house, looking for toys.  What toys does my master play with?  I know that he sits in this one room staring at a box with a bunch of things on it.  People, animals, all kinds of stuff.  Doesn’t sound like an exciting toy to me.

Looking at the whole house, I couldn’t find a single toy that I wanted to play with.  All of the master’s toys are boring.

Suddenly, I saw the perfect toy.  It was a mouse, lying on the floor!  With that, I pounced on the mouse using my weirdly shaped paws.  I don’t know how my master gets his claws out, but they didn’t work for me.

Suddenly, I woke up.  I was on my soft, fluffy bed again with my litter box nearby.  I was in a small room, with a white chair with water inside.  The door was closed and I was trapped inside.  I wanted the master to let me out, so I started clawing the door and I meowed as loud as I could.


©2012  K. L. Walker