Think & Write #34

Gaming Junkie

I turned on my console.  Which one, you say?  It was actually one of the older ones.

In the basement, my gaming room is like a command center.  Three computers, all connected on-line.  I have more than one of the latest consoles, just in case one of them breaks down.  I also have consoles from every generation.  I have a bookshelf, but it doesn’t have a single book in it.  It is filled with games.  Games from every era.  There are so many that there are actually 4 bookshelves just to store all the games.  Even with that much shelf space, I still have stacks of games that I can’t put anywhere.  My fifth bookshelf has strategy guides, programming manuals, and several video game reference books.

I’m the master when it comes to video games.  My friends always say “Zack, can you help me with this?”  or “Zack, can you help me build my computer?”  I do have to say that I’m a total techie, and a champion at video gaming.  I have won several competitions, and have tested several new games.

My goal is to design the next great video game.  The landscape would be breathtaking and the difficulty would be fair.  More challenging areas would be designed for those who want it.

Right now, I’m drained, so I’ll down another energy drink.  I’ll update my blog and check out the latest in video gaming news.  I have several things that need to be done before I call it a night.

As for girls, I am actually kind of busy to be dating them right now.  If they will join me in a multiplayer game, I would be more than happy to hang out with them.  I’ll even let them collect the spoils on my next dungeon raid.

Back to the older console,  I turned it on, and began playing.  After mere moments, I tied one of my all-time records.  One of many I have set.


©2012  K. L. Walker