Think & Write #33

Ice Cream My Way

Molly looked out the window.  It was a sunny day, and really hot outside.  She heard the sound of music.  It was the magical, colorful music you would hear on a hot summer day.  The sound of an ice cream truck.

The sound got louder and louder.  With that, Molly ran outside and down to the end of the driveway.  She had five dollars in her hands.  She knew exactly what she wanted.

The ice cream truck finally came into view, and stopped by the driveway.  The stand opened, with the ice cream man standing behind it.

“So, what will it be today, young lady?” The ice cream man asked her.

“I’ll have the everything ice cream,” Molly asked with a smile.

“Five dollars, please.” The ice cream man requested.

Molly gave him the five dollars and received a pint of everything ice cream.  And that’s just what it was.  Molly entered the house and got a spoon from the kitchen.  The ice cream tasted like whatever flavor she wanted.  “I want strawberry,” she said with a smile.

After Molly tasted the ice cream, the flavor was indeed what she said.  Strawberry.  She then tried some other flavors.  Her next spoonful was butter scotch.  The one after that was cookies and cream.  After that, was chocolate fudge.  The ice cream was indeed magical, and only the ice cream man knew the secret to making it.

Molly then wanted bubble gum ice cream.  With that, her next spoonful tasted like bubble gum.  After that, it was mint chocolate chip, vanilla, chocolate chip cookie dough, Oreo and rainbow sherbet.  Molly ate every bite, each one a different flavor.  And every flavor was good to the last spoonful.


©2012  K. L. Walker