Think & Write #32

Dead End Job

Frank looked at the clock and scowled.  1:30 again.  Time to go to work again.

Frank had his work shirt on, with work pants and a cap.  He totally hated his job.  Minimum wage was all that they paid him.

Frank drove off to work.  The place where he worked was Joe’s Pizza.  He hated working at Joe’s.  So much repetition.  Same pizzas, same work, same part-time schedule.

Despite all this, Frank put on his poker face.  It was an expression that he wore well and used it to hide his negative attitude toward the place where he worked.

Once at Joe’s Pizza, Frank began working.  Frank didn’t mess around.  He was a very good worker.  He just didn’t enjoy the work.

Frank longed for a job where he could express his creative talent.  A job where he could spend numerous hours writing and actually get paid for it.  This is the kind of work that Frank longed for.  However, this work is only a hobby for Frank.  Hobbies don’t make any money.  Getting published does.

As Frank worked, the dream of being published lingered in his mind.  With that, he worked hard at Joe’s Pizza, unwilling to let that dream go.  He sheeted out the dough.  He made the breadsticks.  He prepared the salads and wings.  He worked as hard as he could, longing to pursue his dream when he got home.

While Frank was in a dead end job right now, he hoped that someday that he would get out of it.

“Someday….” Frank sighed.  “I surely hope that happens.”


©2012  K. L. Walker

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