Think & Write #29

No Parole

Matt squinted his eyes, tying to stay awake.

It was another sleepless night, since it was so noisy in the cell.

Looking at the tally written on the wall, he sighed.  Of his total sentence, he served 15 years.  For the last five of these years, he was on  good behavior.  Hopefully, his case will get re-evaluated, or maybe he can get a pardon granted to him.

All Matt knew is that he learned his lesson.  He was a changed man, not like the man he was when they first threw him in there.  Yes, that life was full of trouble, but it’s not the life he lives anymore.

Matt was grateful.  If it wasn’t for that chaplain that visited, he wouldn’t know where he would be.

Looking at the wall, Matt sighed.  He only had the rest of his life to go.  Closing his eyes, he imagined himself in a different place.  This is how he kept his sanity while he was there.  With his eyes closed, he didn’t see his orange jumpsuit.  He was wearing something different.

Finally, Matt opened his eyes.  He sat down and began reading  the one book that influenced him the most….


©2012  K. L. Walker