Think & Write #28

For the Fans

Jim got off the airplane and walked through the concourse at a brisk pace.  There was a book signing in twenty minutes.  Because of the delay, his plane didn’t arrive on time.

As fast as he could, Jim ran down the conveyor that was filled with people, all going in one direction.  Another conveyor went in the opposite direction.

This book signing was important for Jim.  This was his next best-seller.  Already having two best-sellers in the past, he didn’t want to leave any of his fans disappointed.

Finally, Jim was outside of the airport.  10 minutes remained.  Jim called down a taxi and entered it.

“To Borders, on 5th and Broadway.” He ordered the cab driver, handing him some extra cash as an incentive for him to go faster.

The cab driver pressed down on the accelerator.  He was fast.  But regardless of how fast he was, Jim was already going to be late.  The cab slowed down and stopped behind a bunch of other cars.  There was a traffic jam.  With that, it was certain.  Jim was not going to make it to his book signing on time.

Jim sighed, and called the book store on his smart phone.  “This is Jim,” he told the manager of the store.  “I am going to be a little late.  You might want to tell everyone else who is there.  My plane came in late, so please let them know.  Be there as soon as I can.  Bye.”

Jim hung up and sighed, when he saw the traffic jam.  In looking at all the cars in the New York City traffic, a sudden realization came upon Jim.  This was going to take a while….


©2012  K. L. Walker