Think & Write #16


Sam roamed the alleys of the city.  He didn’t do this by choice.  He HAD  to.

Sam lost everything.  When the company that he worked for went bankrupt, he lost his job.  In just a few months, he ran out of money.

Suddenly, Sam felt hungry. He usually rummaged the dumpsters for food, but he didn’t want to get sick again.  It wasn’t something that he wanted to do.  With his old job, he could eat anything he wanted.

Now, Sam was just standing outside of a drug store.  That’s when he suddenly noticed some guy exiting, holding a bunch of lottery tickets.  He was holding so many tickets that one of them fell out of his hand.  This ticket fell right next to Sam.

Sam was about to walk away from the ticket, but he didn’t.  Instead, he picked it up.  The numbers read as follows: 8 40 22 41 87 12.

The next day, Sam approached a coffee shop.  He usually went there in the morning to beg for food.  With that, he took the ticket with him and entered.

Since Sam found that ticket, it went everywhere with him.  Not that it mattered, he thought.  This wasn’t going to be the winning ticket, right?

As Sam was about to beg, he noticed the TV.  It was on a local news channel.  It was currently discussing the lottery numbers from last night.

“Last night’s numbers for the $248 million jackpot were 8, 40, 22, 41, 87 and 12.” The news anchor announced.

Sam looked at his ticket, and then at the numbers on the television screen.  Sure enough, they were all the same.

At this, Sam started to cry.  His life was about to be totally different….


©2012  K. L. Walker