Think & Write #17

A Dream Come True

Zuna woke up.  She wore the royal gown that a princess would wear.  She was in an opulently decorated palace, sitting on a richly decorated bed.

“It came true,” She smiled.  “I really am a princess.”

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

“Zuna! Open up now!”

Zuna sighed.  “Yes mother….”

Zuna opened up the door to her room to find her mother standing there, frowning.

“Zuna,” she scolded, “You are not a princess.  If the king found out that you had this dream, you would be in big trouble!  Now turn back this instant!”

“No!” Zuna shouted.  “I wanna be a princess!”

Her mother sighed.  “Fine.  We’ll do it the hard way….”

Zuna’s mother cast magic on herself to make herself fall asleep.

Almost instantly, Zuna’s clothes changed back into pajamas.  She was no longer a princess.  The palace transformed back into a normal house.

Zuna’s mother woke up.  “There.  I dreamed this place back to normal again.  Don’t have that dream again or you will be in big trouble, glimpta!”

Zuna sighed.  “Yes mother….”

Since it was still dark, the mother sent Zuna back to bed.  “Sweet dreams, my glimpta.” she told her.

Her mother left the room.

Zuna closed her eyes and smiled.  Her pajamas became a royal gown and the house became a palace.  The door to her mother’s  room became locked.  Zuna then grew ten times her size.

Her mother, though, was still sleeping.  And it’s a good thing that she was.  Zuna was going to be in a lot of trouble when she wakes up….


©2012  K. L. Walker